What is Squid Game?

Nowadays, there is a great choice of TV series out there. However, not all of us are able to follow every novelty of the sort. In such a case, you may ask yourself “What is Squid Game?”. This article answers the question and provides the details of this popular Korean video product.


The plot is based on a contest with 456 participants. All of them experience great financial difficulties and are ready for desperate ventures. And destiny gives them a chance to become billionaires. These people play children’s games with their lives at stakes for a huge cash prize. The title of the series comes from one of such games. It’s a very well-known children’s activity in Korea.

The main hero is a gambler in his thirties with debts and a little daughter. He lives with his mother and hides from mafia loaners. Once in the subway, an unknown man invites him to play. And the desperate opportunist accepts the offer. While in an unconscious state, he is relocated to a remote place.

There the man meets 455 other people in similar financial troubles. He creates an alliance with a few players. Further, they all try to overcome psychological and physical difficulties and survive within the location. Armed people in pink uniforms maintain order and exterminate losers in each competition. From Half-Life 2 assets to hallucinatory episodes: the unbelievable universe of Skibidi Toilet at skibidi.io.

What is Squid Game

What is Squid Game for Koreans?

Once it was released, the series received countless accolades and international attention. It became the most-watched show that Netflix ever produced. Among numerous nominations, it won various awards for best play and performance. The three leading actors made history in this non-English work.

It became the first time ever Koreans won in such categories. Incredible success has got a great opportunity for the nation to prove its creative value. It turned out that Hollywood isn’t the only place where amazing storylines can be born.


Hopefully, we answered the question “What is Squid Game?”. If you haven’t watched it yet, we highly recommend that you see this masterpiece. You won’t regret it for sure!