1. Bro the man really just said it to the main character but ok

  2. So you say he was the front man and then he wasent

  3. Why do I remember it having a scene where it would be revealed its him

  4. One of the most overrated shows in history.

  5. Oh, and also one small clue is when he litelary said that he runs squid games

  6. Your face is quite fucking unfortunate, to say the least.

  7. So next time u make clues about any movie put spoiler alert

  8. We never see him get shot either or hear when his body hits the floor.

  9. Thanks, I haven't seen it, and since this is a short, I didn't choose to watch this.

  10. people still care about this boring show

  11. That last point makes zero sense because this was the first Squid Game he participated in

  12. Bro don’t see a single seconds of the serie 💀

  13. The genius of the show is that all of these clues are subtle enough to be chalked up to him being experienced since he's #1 but him being scared definitely put up some red flags that there's something going on overall really great twist

  14. Another clue is at the end of the series, hes in a death bed explaining to the main character why he did what he did and a flashback of him and the game master can be seen

  15. Bro called us blind in 69420 languages We see that he is the master guy in the End-

  16. Motherfucker. You didn’t have to spoil it idioy

  17. You don't need to point up we can see it

  18. Stfu even u knew after watching the whole series

  19. We just thought he was a demented old dude who didn't understand it wasn't a game and thought people were faking it.

  20. One of the last episodes Where He says He is the mastermind behind it 😶‍🌫️🤬

  21. Bro didn't watched full squid game
    Bcz in the end he claims that he is the one

  22. funny he stole these from other vids that showed all these same week if release lol but hey stealing content for money from views isnt uncommon just shitty

  23. When he was screaming he was scared during the fight it broke my heart first time watching. Second time I was more pissed than anything

  24. At the end it schowed the face under the vip mask and it was number 001😮 so its true

  25. I figured thst shit out in the first moment i saw him told my friend's he the big bad didn't even watch the show because it was that obvious friends watched and told me i was right

  26. And in ep 5 where we all see the mc get shot and killed we didn't see old man get shot only sound

  27. Plus when they were playing the marbles game the old man's body isn't there

  28. Bro watch squid game fully at the end its revealed that he is the host/creator of the game. Smh

  29. I was able to definitely guess player one was Mastermind but I still missed all them clues!!! 🥹🫠

  30. 1- no.
    2- why are you using that filter for your face?

  31. haven’t seen this yet. good spoiler off the bat.

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