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  1. Alis death was heartbreaking but genuinely sang woo did what he had to do, they had a choice to leave and both came back. While Ali was kind and pure he was naive, that was his mistake. Its survival of the fittest after all.

  2. Pattharbaaj ko patthar mila…… Iss mein naya kya hai 🥱

  3. Where is the Kingdom of Judah? 🤲🤲🤲👺🤥🤡💸💰💲

    It's time for PayDay. 🛐🀄🐲

  4. There is depression, sadness, revenge, and betrayal..

  5. Every loyal person gets hurt in the end😔

  6. dont be afarid from enemy be afraid from the closer ones they will stab you accurate than the enemy … rather have a friend who tells me im a piece of shit than an ally who stab me in the back when he has a chance to do it …

  7. Irl also never trust when it's about money and life……….85% chance you get betrayed….

  8. a Scottish lad would never betray Ali no matter what the conditions

  9. The dude stole money and now he died because someone stole something from him

  10. The guy that gave him the rocks is the devil even in the last game 😭

  11. Sang Woo was just the most realistic character in the show

  12. San Woo is who we are irl and Ali is who we wish we are. San woo depict the reality of a person during these circumstance, he may not have won the game, but he won the game by rule

  13. Every time this scene break my heart 💔 🤧

  14. I cried my life out when I saw this scene

  15. This is very emotional scene in episode 6

  16. Poor Ali but the winner after the game is 456 ….

    Am cry😭😭for Ali😭😭

  17. Essa foi de cortar o coraçao😢

  18. I broke down during this, that hurt and betrayal. Absolutely awful

  19. They didnt show him being shot like the other characters. Got a feeling the old man instructed them to spare him

  20. Kindness and an empty sack is worth the empty sack.

  21. For some reason the two little girls in this episode was much sadder to me than this

  22. Muere un heroe, nace un villano

  23. Sometimes people we really trust can easily betray us just to save themselves…

  24. Can someone tell me what actually happened I’m so confused

  25. I loved Ali he had the most beautiful heart in this

  26. This was the saddest death in squid games 😢😢

  27. Men shu holatga tushunmadim oʻyin qoidasi sherigiga zarar bermasdan toshlarni olish edi lekin bu inson sheriginni aldadi va unga ruhiy azob berdi shu narsani aytish kerak edi😮

  28. This series showS the Real love Of Every Muslim😊😊 by This Character

  29. Ali didnt deserve to die he was kindhearted he just trusted the wrong person

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