Among Us SQUID GAME, but with 100 PLAYERS

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Today 100 players must go up against the Frontman. Watch people drop as they play Red Light, Green Light, Honeycomb, Tug-O-War, and Glass Bridge. Who will be the final crewmate standing? You’ll have to watch until the end to find out!

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  1. I Saw Kelly move on red lig

  2. Go Player! Oh wait, he isint in the tug-o-war

  3. does the gurd of squad game love player and mr cheese

  4. i was like if mr cheese dies i swear and i did

  5. All Deaths Shown:
    100. Okey
    99. M R Boogie
    98. Slow Guy
    97. Gi hun
    96. Lollipop
    95. Max
    94. Karl
    93. LikeButton
    92. Squiddy
    91. LOL
    90. Backpack
    89. hi
    88. sus
    87. amogus
    86. ???
    85. wormby
    84. Cooby
    83. UNiCHAN
    82. Rook
    81. Dr CoolGuy
    80. ???
    79. ???
    78. ???
    77. ???
    76. ???
    75. sussy baka
    74. Inum
    73. Dwan
    72. Amy
    71. Mitch
    70. whiskers
    69. NoobZilla
    68. Nix

  6. Is nothing talking about that player actually sounds like player from poppy playtime

  7. I am a pro at among us and at my little universe o says:

    One time i was in that game

  8. Ivan died in honeycomb but he was a main character

  9. i just like that thers a among us charator Named Eren yeager

  10. I hear you I hate hey hey hey hey hey hey video and keep it I want to give you a hundred million bum down because player died and I will never ever play or die never let him die again

  11. Bro squid game is a child game and I’m a pro at it

  12. 0:50 *P A N I K* Oh my gOsh-

    1:37 Oh my g o s h . .

    1:05 Nobody:
    Gnome: *pigeon noises*

    1:56 AAeh- asdfghns oop- o k a y.. stop a u h g

    2:04 S t o p Oh- Uhg- Ah- ghAk!

    2:18 "eehhhOOoh"

    2:31 Just hold that green for a second.. please

    2:45 * a n g e r *

    3:52 Ehhh.. aNd tHen aRouNd i t ' s j u s t a c i r c l e . . BrIng It AroUnD tOwN

  13. Not only did Captain win both Squid Games, Mother came in third both times lmao

  14. Captain read this SO POV AHAHHAHAHA I LOVE IT

  15. I laughed when player was like be last be lasttt ○:

  16. If it was 456 players dang the game will lag

  17. There is other characters like capten and the others is snowball

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