AND THE WINNER IS… – Squid Game: The Challenge 1X10 – ‘One Lucky Day’ Reaction

Here is my reaction to Netflix’s Squid Game: The Challenge Season 1 Episode 10 (Season Finale) ‘One Lucky Day’

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Reaction: 03:36
Review: 23:38

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  1. My only disappointment in the show is that it was stunt performers dropping, otherwise, I enjoyed it greatly. Thanks for reacting throughout the season.

  2. I’m so dissapointed with the final games. The rest of the games/elimination have all had strategy/social aspects but these 2 were purely just luck. Apart from Mai chosing to press the button first gave her a higher chance to get through and she had a strategy to win rock paper scissors, but even then it wasn’t 100% win rate so Phil could’ve just as easily picked the winning key to win. Like they should’ve gave an advantage to the person who won the most rounds or something like that. I’m sure they could’ve come up with a more interesting 2 final games than that… so happy Mai won tho it was well deserved.

  3. Mai was the best player of the three. She fully deserved that win.

  4. Really, surprisingly enjoyed the show. But I think the finale fell flat. Just by the music and build up you knew when the correct key would be drawn. I mean you couldn't really have any twists or turns when it came to this final game. I felt I knew exactly when the winner was going to be revealed, but that's just my opinion. Overall, I really was tuned in with your reactions.

  5. Youtube totally needs a Survivor reactor! Season 28 brains v brawn v beauty is a great one to start with and has no returning players. Here's to hoping 🍻

  6. It's not that I don't think Mai deserved to win, she does deserve to win, but I was rubbed the wrong way at that last second when she lied about eliminating Roland. I understand that she may have been worried that Sam and Phill would turn against her if she had told the truth, although she was fair in playing the box game since that was the whole point of the game. It's just that, to me, the lying at this late stage of the game was pointless because it's the Top 3. It's possible that Sam and Phill would have understood why she eliminated Roland and respect her regardless.

  7. I don't get it they got shot in the show but survived in the show like TJ lost he fell 50M down and he survived ?

  8. I heard they weren't allowed to decide things using Rock Paper Scissors throughout the show (for example, to choose the Dalgona shapes) and now it makes sense why, they wanted to save that for the end

  9. I swear, episode of Wheel of fortune from 1984 is more entertaining than this episode of…well… nothing really

  10. In my mind I picked circle because the guy that dropped off the “button platter” had a circle on his mask

  11. lol I’m one of the few who liked Ashley and also really didn’t want Mai to win. The game is ruthless and not about teamwork. Whatever lol.

  12. I feel the final button game was rigged against Sam but make sense the production team would probably like to have mai and phil since they had more screen time

  13. React to the making of squid game the challenge

  14. The fact this is getting a S2…💀💀

  15. I was thinking "circle is the most obvious one" – and if it's the most obvious one then it's the least likely to be chosen, so it's the perfect place for it. 🙂

    Choosing after Mai was a pretty bad strategy. 50/50 to get through if pressing, but 100% to get through if not.

  16. 3 of the more uninteresting people on the show made it to the finale. If they scripted it, we would have had Bryton, Trey and Leann in the final 3.

  17. Honestly, any of the three could win and I'd be fine with it but Mai earned it. She was an absolute beast throughout the challenges.

  18. A deserved winner.

    Though I do hope there were lots of conversations about what an obscene amount of money it was, that were edited it out.

    Would you have given some to some of the losers? I think I'd be tempted.

  19. They could have all decided to split the money 3 ways when they were sat round the table, it's still a lot of money. Even when it was just the two of them. I think that's what I would have suggested if I was in that situation. Try and guarantee myself over a million no matter what happens.

  20. Definitely well-deserved I feel. Even on these games of chance (button, rock-paper-scissors), she had strategy or, I feel, thought more carefully of. Truly think Phill and Sam should have known that their odds of taking each other to the finale would have increased should they volunteered first as opposed to Mai. Of the cuts on the show, Mai's notion that an adult male will gravitate towards rock/scissors more than paper looked to be accurate for the most part too. That's honestly something I would not have considered much of at all I feel.

  21. I was rooting for Mai. She is the best player. She deserved it as well. Congrats Maiiiii!!!🎉

  22. Mai absolutely destroyed phil in rock paper scissors. She took a game that you would think is purely luck and strategized it with accurate predictions based off of his previous choices while phil did it randomly. She deserves this win 100%. She knows when to betray and play dirty, she knows when to ally herself with others, she knows when to stay quiet and when to speak up, she knows when to project weakness and when to project strength. She played INSANELY well.

  23. Phil is like a young version of Anthony Kiedis and I love him for that ❤

  24. Mai 🐐🐐🐐 Thanks for these Reactions 😂 You Should be in Season 2

  25. Mais dirty. She threw so many people under the bus. So disappointed

  26. Glad you reacted to this, and will be doing season two. I don’t really watch much reality TV anymore, but this one had me hooked. It was great being able to experience it again through your videos. Good stuff and thank you!

  27. I wanted both May and Phill to win because I really like them both, but I think May was the more deserving one game wise considering that she was able to succesfully strategize even in the last two games where everyone else would have just gave up and went purely by chance.
    Still kudos to Phill too who really shane in these last episodes.

  28. There's a behind the scenes special on Netflix and there they explain how they did everything. They stairs are real, they built them.
    I'm still a bit disappointed that they didn't include Tug of war. They explain that they didn't find a way to "make it fair" but there are so many other moments in the show that's hardly fair, like all the tests where people can just be voted out randomly.
    I liked Battleships but still want them to have Tug of war as well. They could have been a bit more creative and come up with a solution. In Battleships many people didn't have a fair chance either…

  29. Hated your reaction lol most deserved winner

  30. The show would be so interesting if Mai and Ashley were the top two 😂

  31. Yeeeea! Mai won!! Liked Phil as well but Mai ❤

  32. Phill is just as fake as everyone else. Your judgement is sus.

  33. Top 5
    1er: Mai
    2éme: Phill
    3ème: Sam
    4ème: Hallie
    5ème: Ashley

    these 5 people can really be proud of their journeys in this game

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