Baby Doll Vs Skibidi Toilet & TV Man At Squid Game Red Light Green Light In Real Life

Skibidi Toilet & TV Man In Squid Game Green Light Red Light With Baby Doll & Friends
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Welcome you guys to Baby Doll – Official Channel.
Let’s join the Baby Doll family to experience their exciting life through short films that are not only filled with humour and fun, but also convey many educational messages. We hope that the young audiences will learn many valuable life skills and good values from them.

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Producer: Thanh Tân
Creative Director: Vũ Huy
Director: Nam Long
Director of photography: Zin Phạm
Production Assistant: Quỳnh Mint
Scriptwriter: Mỹ Duyên
Script Editor: Thanh Huyền, Hưng Vương
Props: Thiên Phú
Editor: Phước Lộc
VFX: Thanh Luỹ
Voice Talent: Tố Uyên
Compositor: Lý Đại Thiện


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