Ben Shapiro Reviews “Squid Game”

Shapiro reviews the popular Netflix series “Squid Game.”

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  1. If capitalism was a dude, ben would leave his wife and turn gay for the pleasure of getting pegged by him

  2. No, it's literally just a joke it's not like the ppl behind the game/Jerry are both saying communism is good like the girl from communism has a pretty go life compared to others bc of her determination even the Pakistani had a lower life. But the reason she needs to steal is that she did not bring her diploma but mainly bc she needs to get money to get her family out of the dictatorship.

  3. anyone thinks the old man couldn't stop it with dementia so he wanted to give all of his money to someone in hopes that they would stop it but he had to be sure someone who has seen the horrors of the game and shows the main character how to win so that he would want and be able to stop it

  4. Overreach Ben.. i really love ya and ur thoughts.. but this is really a great show.. interesting thriller and surprising and very interesting regarding the human conflict in a serious survivalist conflict.. the marble game for instance.. would i be honorable truly really if my own life was on the line.. I cannot answer.. i think it is more about personal moral conflict than political conflict .. take a chill pull on politics like when u play minecraft

  5. Capitalism is absolutely a zero sum game. Just like ecology. That’s why lions eat zebras. That’s why other organisms cooperate with one another. In the end it’s about taking in more energy/wealth etc than you give up. And clearly we are all humans with a limited capacity for the true def of work (see physics). Parasite did not say that Ben. Parasite is just saying there is a certain amount of randomness to our lot in life.

  6. I really enjoyed the show despite the propaganda. What people commenting on aren't how there were people who worked decent paying jobs who the show naturally didn't focus on like people who worked in healthcare, the main guy's ex wife and husband who appeared middle class, the social workers, and the police officers (exception being the 1 guy who went undercover). The people who returned to play the games looked at it as having nothing to lose because they had debts due to addictions, one being greedy, the old man being really greedy and an asshole, one in the mafia, and one fleeing North Korea. None of the main characters were shown to be people who worked jobs where they were able to live a comfortable life. The director wouldn't show that because then it shows how capitalism can work which would change the overall theme of the show.

  7. There is no doubt that the squid game is a work that criticizes capitalism and the gap between the rich and the poor. However, there are many leaps and bounds to Shapiro's criticism. He say the way squid games portray and criticize capitalists is completely wrong, so let's ask. Can you conclude that there is no vicious capitalist in the world who sneers ordinary people or the poor and tries to trample on them with the power of money?

  8. Ben talks so much and so fast that he doesn’t take time to consider. He doesn’t know the power of silence or stillness. Every sentence is a race to the next one.

  9. The poor people in Parasite are not portrayed as good natured people. And they get what’s coming to them in the end.

  10. I am from sk. we have had so much leftists who studied from France or US. Especially entertainment field most of them are far left. But other ordinary koreans belong to 'KILL COMMIES' thats the reason why so many s.koreans love ben shapiro.

  11. As a conservative, it's absolutely incredible how much Shapiro got wrong here. There are some things he got right but boy are there so much that he got wrong

  12. man you spoilered the whole story. give a warning god dammit.

  13. As much as I like capitalism, your options are still limited if you have massive debt.

  14. I think you are wrong here and you are watching this from the perspective of someone growing up rich or middle class. This movie is from a South Korean perspective and how it is difficult to climb the ladder because of corrupt people like the old man. There is a Korean term called Hell Korea/Hell Joseon: The phrase has been used to express opposition towards government policies seen as contributing to youth unemployment, economic inequality, excessive working time, inability to escape from poverty despite hard work, a society that favors vested interests, and general irrationality in daily life. This is coming from the voice of the people. You have to understand Korean politics and mindset in order to understand Squid Games' premise.

  15. The show is criticizing an extreme form of rampant capitalism, but that doesn't mean that it's endorsing communism.

    Come on Ben, only a Sith deals in absolutes.

  16. I think its about time to realize what these self-proclaimed "intellectuals" are . But Ben Shapiro is always fun to watch . He is like a bobblehead that learnt a thing or two about capitalism and now pretends to be a college lecturer.

  17. No, Ben got it wrong. He made something is a psychological thriller into a political commentary. Sad. The show is the best I have ever watched, and I have watched many many American films and series.

  18. The guy who won the squid game had an opportunity to pay his debts and get his shit together and be a father to his daughter. He was going to see her and make things right, I thought, but instead he goes after the squid game leaders. He needed to be a dad first, and make things right with his kid. Also, I did not like the cop dying. I thought that was a mistake. I would have made the cop and the winner take down the game.

  19. Well, still better than Matt Walsh's video.

  20. So basically "the powers that be" took vulnerable and desperate people, dangled a crazy amount of money Infront of them, have them go against each other, make them choose to sell their soul and watch them die all for sick pleasure. Yeah sounds pretty similar…

  21. Spoken like someone with zero exposure to Asian society. Squid Game isn't a critique of capitalism. It is a critique on Korean society and how rigid the class system is. Money is irrelevant. What matters is who your family and parents are (if they are rich too, then yay!) Ben's take on Parasite is incorrect as well. Maybe he should travel to places other than Occidental nations.

  22. “It is stupid there’s not one white character”

  23. Ben I think you could bolster your own argument by engaging with the social commentary more seriously and not just handwaving it away as socialist propaganda. By all means make the point that socialism is not the way, but Squid Game makes legitimate criticisms of late stage capitalism that you likely haven't experienced much in your day to day life that many many viewers of the show can relate to.

  24. I wonder if it is guilt or sheer dumbness that makes people like Shapiro to obsess over communism and socialism (though he obviously does not know the difference between them..) to the point as seeing them as the main theme even for Squid Game…

  25. What is bro talking about? Just like in any other country there are poor people or more like social reboots that don't have any goal in life… I didn't even focus on the politics man, this show doesn't have any politics in it! Just enjoy the games man…

  26. Personally, I enjoyed their "Alice in Borderland" show better. Similar stuff, but focuses more on the greed, suffering, and humanities of just normal, everyday people.

  27. I don't get why he got so many likes. He is overrated

  28. Damn Marx lives rent free in Ben Shapiro’s head 😂

  29. "We're just supposed to assume that the poor people are more noble"
    My guy did you WATCH the show? The rich people set up a DEATH GAME and ENJOY watching people die. What the fuck are you talking about?

  30. bro clearly knows absolutely nothing about south korea

  31. Isort of disagree with the notion that Squid Game forces the idea that capitalism is evil. Keep in mind all of the contestants in the game got themselves where they are through bad decisions save 17 and one other character. Also i saw the classical music as a way to sort of add to the feel of the complex. The contestants didn’t get a lot of answers and they weren’t allowed to explore. Sort of like a mental facility but you’re also playing games to the death

  32. Well Helix,
    You’re one Lucky company to have Mr. Dave Shapiro to breaking down a wickedly good precipice and ideation to what the meanings behind the series and it being expressive enough to reflect on what Their native land markets and really italicized the suggestion of opening up to their way of thinking.
    Just a white, Alaskan-native, 30 yo male’s feelings anyway.

  33. What I saw that pundits seem to miss is the game is presented as being, unlike the outside world, totally fair. But no, it ain't. They lie that one only has to not lose 6 games but actually it is 7. And with a number of the games half the people, by design, must lose. Also, the game with astronomical odds to not lose is nowhere near any kind of fair.

  34. Ben, I find your "capitalism is good" rant at the middle of a review really silly and unnecessary. Once we start thinking how money is made and how value is assigned to it, you realize that in capitalism, someone indeed gives you nothing to get something: someone assigns any value they want on a peace of paper, in exchange of someone else's time and maybe some goods. The bankers, for example, loan money they don't really own. As an idea, capitalism can be great, but you have to actively avoid reality to miss what the Squid Game is telling you. It's not that capitalism is unfair. It's that it has been misshapen to an unfair system. Take a walk outside, read about student loans, consider how your country operates (see: banana republic) and then make a separate video about capitalism. Don't rant about it on a review, ffs.

  35. I didn't perceive it necessarily as an Anticapitalist show, there were few moments were employers were painted as unjust, but generally, the film clearly shows that all these people got into trouble because of their bad life choices, it's their responsibility and not the system's. people choosing to play this sadistic game till death instead of working hard and finding a job in real life or find different solution, again paints them as money obsessed launderers. Also I am surprised how you as well as other American reviewers didn't pay attention to VIP episode and it's message, when it was one of the nastiest and creepiest part of the show and CLEARLY showed the fallen and spiritless face of a 21st century American, reflecting modern reality.

  36. love the interesting take on the show, honestly even though that video ended up being politacal i enjoyed the analysis and interpretation which is much better than most garbage videos that try to be entertaining without offering anything to think about.

  37. 우파적 시각에서 본 오징어게임 흥미로운 리뷰❤

  38. capitalism is the only economic system that works in tandem with human nature, and not against it. altruism and charity are wonderful things, but they are conscious choices we foster within ourselves, and can’t be counted upon as a given component of an economic system.

  39. Abused by rhnera?

    Cmon she seduced him, was a lover of hers while she toured the kingdom looking for a husband.

    Then cole asks her to run away and marry him. She declines because she has duty (the duty you said she didn’t care about) he acts like a psycho………..acts betrayed, blames her for his sins and blames her for not marrying him and fleeing the country……

    Then he tells the queen about the affair, betraying her trust.

    Then works towards undermining her claim as a some revenge for a scorned heart.

    He even is cruel to her sons no doubt as an extension of his hatred for her.

  40. Bro could watch Toy Story and bitch about gays for half an hour after.

  41. … Was this a review or an opinion clip? I feel like the ad was longer…

  42. It is actually fascinating to see someone known for his analytical and logic-driven personality to constantly just get it wrong or failed to see elements of various films and shows. Weird to jump to the conclusion he did. So people who are desperate for a massive amounts of quick money or are willing to take the risk just cause they can makes it a anti-capitalist theme show? What? Huh? He really can not turn of this part of himself. He seemingly can let even certain amounts of woke stuff pass in certain things, but don't you dare say anything about the free market being even slightly flawed. This is not even close to what the show is about and it is clear he is seeing something that is not even present to begin with. I mean he thinks the Synder DC films are objectively great so clearly something is wrong with how he approaches films and tv. I enjoy Bens political commentary for the most part, but jesus idk where the malfunction is on this kinda stuff.

  43. As many people will probably agree, Ben has some of the worst takes when it comes to movies and TV. The point of the show is that the contestants turn to the Games in episode 2 out of desperation, not because the real world won’t help them, but because many of them owe so much money and will have their property or even their body parts taken as collateral, that the games become the only way to make enough money in the shortest time span, as well as, in an ironic way, providing some safety from the Loan Sharks Mobsters, and other people in the real world. And again, we see at the end that human element triumphs overall when Gi-Hun wins the bet with Il-Nam with the homeless guy on the sidewalk. Ben Shapiro frequently misses the point of several movies that he reviews

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