Breaking Down ‘Squid Game’ Capitalism Metaphors And Cultural Influences | Decoded

We decoded Netflix’s hit show “Squid Game,” which is full of references to South Korea’s past and calls out class differences in a capitalist society through hidden symbolism.

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Breaking Down ‘Squid Game’ Capitalism Metaphors And Cultural Influences | Decoded


  1. This video reaches out to such bullshit comparisons lmao.

  2. Oh u po lil sheeple still think predictive programming is entertaining.

  3. Front Man actually looks like Dr. Doom from Fant4stic because he is THE BRINGER OF DOOM!!

  4. Stop. Get some help. You're just going crazy. PLS tell the real news or facts… This is just getting more and more like conspiracy theories

  5. Squid Game doesn't necessarily criticize capitalism. It also criticizes the oligarchy that has a lot of power live in such absurd lifestyles that simpletons like us cannot even fathom. The world around rich people like celebrities, businessmen (or oligarchs), and influencers who pay lip service for them, are so far from the average Joe. The references to masked men watching "horses" play is all to similar to what rich people could do today. They tell us to obey while breaking the rules themselves. They buy private islands while hard working people are stuck trying to make ends meet only for someone to tell them to stop working. The rich are basically given exemptions on everything but not us.

  6. Person: *Has a green shirt

    Insider "News": ThE hIdDeN pOLiTiCs oF tHe ShIrT

  7. This is a great video, despite what these other comments are saying.

  8. This video itself again proved that capitalism is the best system known to mankind when it mentioned the North Korean website's portrayal of the show as the evils of capitalism while literally the entire world today knows the truth about which side has a much better life….much like the people of America think communism/socialism is somehow better than the current system even though it has been objectively the worst system where the elites rule and the working class literally die because there is not enough food!

  9. Please do not become the new Buzzfeed

  10. I thought that was red, not pink

  11. Ppl in internet never care about the message lol as long they can watch fckin stupid good guy bad guy fight sadly

  12. 0:21 "we decoded the cryptic messages. . . But we obviously won't address the Masonry and owl imagery we include in the insert."

  13. I will keep coming back to this video to see the number of dislikes..

  14. No comment on how the Indian character is clearly stereotyped as stupid, poor, with bad language skills? Classic Korean xenophobia

  15. Squid Game have problems that every country faces
    Every country has a problem with the gap between the rich and the poor and debt
    Every country has social problems
    It is more important to analyze why the drama is popular all over the world

  16. I think is funny that sometimes, the creator goes like 'nah, never crossed my mind'

  17. Those are not pink. She must be slightly color blind

  18. Resentment towards capitalism in a film made by a Capitalist billion dollar company? Lol insider has got to get its head out of its ass lmaoo

  19. It would be good if someone did a show outlining the achievements of capitalism instead of the failures.

  20. Everybody can decode hidden messages through their own thought.

  21. So squid game is a Socialist propaganda

  22. This is the Korean view of capitalism which is actually cronyism. Look up Lotte, Samsung…

  23. I have honestly tried watching this show. But I find it stupid. Really bad acting. And it has nothing to do with the “losing something in translation”. I watch body language and facial expressions. It don’t matter to me what language they speak… it’s still bad acting.

  24. I still don’t get why this is more popular than Parasite (2019), despite both touching upon the capitalist society of South Korea and the large socio-economic gap between the rich and the poor.

  25. This is me bs’ing my essay when the teacher provides little information 😭😭

  26. The fact that a movie about death games inspired Korean workers to unionize and go on strike.

  27. There is a lot of hidden stuff in that movie… It's hidden in plain sight

  28. A child can see that normal capitalism has nothing to do with squid game. Normal capitalism is:

    – get job
    – earn money
    – use money on whatever you want

    You can also

    – invest
    – get unlucky or lucky
    – get rich or lose the money you decided to risk

    What is this lower middle upper class BS? Jesus Christ

  29. Sometimes I wonder if the reason the Korean characters didn't seem like bad acting is because we don't speak Korean.

  30. Capitalism works
    Communism doesn't

    That's just fact. social democracy will work but thats still capitalism.

  31. This an eye opener and bitter truth not only for Korea but the whole world, and that's why we are experiencing the highest number of people quitting jobs this year.

  32. A show that criticizes capitalism is worldwide popular in record time interesting 🤔 I wonder why?

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