Comparison: Things You Missed In Squid Game

What did you miss in Netflix’s Squid Game? Did you notice the possible connection between 001 and 456? The clues in Red Light, Green Light? Or the Season 2 Spoiler?


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  1. Front man stopped because player 001 was the real host,
    And player 001 gave gi hun his jacket because player 001 wanted the gurads to think gi hun was the host.

  2. the colour didnt decide youre role because you see people choose red and blue at the beginning

  3. My fav charatere is Ali and my least fav is Deok-Su

  4. WE ALL KNOW S2 IS NOW COMING IM EXITICED (My most Liked Comment Lol)

  5. Ali deserved to win because he caught 456 when he almost fell in red light green light and he was so kind, he deserved so much better🥺

  6. im sorry but how does shooting someone and them falling into water foreshadow them dying that way?

  7. Btw 001 was chained to the rope watch the episode again.


  9. at 2:59 i also think 001 said something about when he opened the door he said “my life and my son” implying that might be his son

  10. Wait, the workers vs players were chosen based on the color they chose? (0:43) who figured that out? I've never heard that before

  11. There was 2 off scream deaths (player 199)

  12. Spoiler alert !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. someone explain how the color you pick determines whether ur a worker or player?

  15. The coffin is also shown in the scene where the detective ( i cant remember his names) searched the room of his brother. He then saw the same card the main character had inside it

  16. 152, 198, 260, 304, 384 And 427 death were foreshadowed

  17. 0.01 noticed that in the middle on the wall wasn't a game…

  18. Guys Ali’s death was off screen! What we mean is that We don’t see him being shot! We don’t mean that we see him being dead

  19. OK 069 coudve won squid game if he didnt commit suicide

  20. I liked all characters even the front man is cool 😎 I have all merch of squid game I’m a super fan

  21. "001 Wasn't Being Tracked in The First Game"
    He was being tracked

  22. The drawing on the wall appear after the respective games are completed. Like a trophy as well as a reminder of how many games have passed

  23. il nam being the tie breaker was coincidental. It had nothing to do with him being the host

  24. What is the line that 240 quoted giving hint to the front man's identity?

  25. In tug-of-war, 001 was tied to the game. Look under his right hand. Eventhough it was not clear, it's slightly visible.

  26. Squid Game is ANti-Capitalism but doesnt shout-out Socialism. What a missed chance, as more people should realize that Capitalism is known as Epic-Super-Hyper-Epic cause Capitalists want it so. Socialism has sucessfully been demonzed.

  27. Very efficient way to give informative content. A person saying all this would be a 10 minute video

  28. More than 5% viewers knew Junho isn't dead 🙄

  29. Squid became a year old and now no one cares about it but I miss when squid game was the most popular thing 😢

  30. what if the old man is the father of the frontman?

  31. My most fav id the mastermind aka 001 and 456

  32. Justice for 199. My two favorites are 001 and 199. 456 comes third.

  33. Player 456 told player 001 why are you not resting at home eating your daughter in law’s home cooked meals and 001 replied are your parents resting at home eating your wife’s home cooked meals?

  34. Which game do you think you'd be eliminated in? If any??

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