Could Light and L Survive Squid Game? – Death Note

In this video, we go over the entirety of Death Note lore, take Light and L and place them in the Death Games from Squid Game. Could they survive? How they win certain games and interact with the players? Could they beat EVERY Death Game? Who would win, L vs Light?

(Includes lore and information from the Death Note Manga, Death Note: How To Read, The BB Investigation Novel, L: Change the World, and the Squid Game Netflix Show)

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  1. Both Death Note & Squid Game exist because someone was bored.

  2. I feel like if Death Note existed within the Squid Game universe, Watari would be one of the billionaires that pay for Squid Game to happen.

  3. Light would get to know everyone who wants him dead by pretending to be friendly with them and then write their names down yes I know it won't be that simple but he has a way of being intelligent enough to make people comfortable around him

  4. Light can just write everyone’s names down and win the squid game


  6. Light would kill every player in the scene when there names and. Debt was said and win

  7. I had a mental confundrum headache trying to devise ways for me and all of my partners to survive in the squid game games I thought of all for solutions that we could have done to succeed the issue I came up with was in the squeak game nobody would trust me or my judgment and if you think that Light Yagami and L would not come up with Solutions towards at least the first two games then you're silly but the solution to the marvels game is is they just need to have it where they each guest 10 in a guessing game where each of them have 10 marbles in their hands and they exchange the marbles cuz the rules of the game did not dictate that you couldn't do that in a game it just said that you had to have your other opponents marbles to win it didn't say you couldn't lose your your own models

  8. 30 min video.. conclusion is L is better at fighting..
    More than probable. They would have a drug that makes you appear dead, light would take it, L would win. In hopes of meeting the top guy to get at the death note.

    But, ignoring that.
    They wouldnt simply allow the games to kill people. If they are going in knowing people are killed, they would have agents replace the guards. Replace bullets to blanks.

    The people would be replaced by actors.

    To assume light would give away his identity at the end.. forgetting he has been monitered for months previously.. and assuming he is "safe" not being watched..

    If 2 detectives were in the games. 100%they escape and manipulate the games behing the scenes.
    100% save majority of people.
    100% the final game would just be a show while plans to obtain the notebook are taking place.

  9. imagine L eating a contestant's ruined honeycomb moments after they were shot in the head

  10. As if L is the worst person in both of these series lmao

  11. In short, this doesn't happen because it's out of character.

  12. Can’t believe bro channel still here

  13. No (They don't speak Korean)

    Edit: Damn it

  14. 001: I hope I don't die
    L: Your chance of being the boss of the games has increased by 43.396%

  15. i feel like the issue with all this is that it’s just the plot of death note in the show of squid game, it’s not really taking any character nuance into consideration, just substituting the main characters for death notes characters. entertaining vid tho, the shows are both good

  16. How does Light wining the death games proves that he's Kira

  17. yes they would be able to easily. They would probably figure out that 1 was the one in charge all along decently quickly too. This shouldn’t even be a question it’s kind of obvious. Would still be interesting to see though

  18. Dude really just watched How to Beat's video and then was like "Light and L do that"

  19. Couldn't light just secretly write everyone's names? I don't think he would care…

  20. I think you kinda underestimate the influence of the gamemakers if you think that they could simply be shut down like that. And something else, you would need Matsuda and woever else infitrates to also learn fluent Korean xD

  21. When you write a death note crossover fanfic

  22. I like the name Squid Note more than Death Games

  23. You can go as crazy as you like on this hypothetical.
    Seeing as most of the people in this game are low-lifes, you can already guess that every game is going to be spoiled by both of them before it starts, or at least they know. You can also guess that both will assume a low profile, and they will pre-plan everything, with lots of psychology.

    Also, obviously there will be a competition between L and Light. L would probably be seen as weak for being a skinny ghost kid sitting in a weird position, while Light will gain chosen followers who praise him and have specific characteristic values he knows will come in handy. He will deceive them, and use them.

    L will probably seem cold but secretly caring, and have most trouble with the losses he must inevitable face at the hand of Light.

    I could even see a sacrifice happen on L's part, where he plans to die but defeats Light in the most deadly way, all while Light assumed he'd won because he defeated L, despite L never planning on living.

    Ahh yes. I'd love to see the specifics being thought out, and hopefully we'll directed.

  24. L would secretly be running the game to weed out Kira and Light would have all the players written down in the note before hand

  25. Qlright we need a detailed 200,000 word fanfic whos gonna volunteer?

  26. Genius idea , but so badly executed and imagined, so unfortunate.

  27. If Light has his death note, the only game would be Light introducing himself and learning the other contestants names.

  28. Thanks for using YouTube for its intended purpose

  29. i mean no offense by this but anyway this is literally a crossover fanfiction and i love it thank you

  30. I think light would sweat in the first game but hold it in and then probably throw up after winning red light green light. He's emotional but is able to hold his composure and only reacts strongly when he's surprised. He wouldn't be surprised in this case but more so disgusted.

  31. L has actually been shown to have advanced slight of hand skills as he steals misa's phone by pretending to "sexually assault her" because he is her "fan". I don't know how this is better but it plays out. This means that he could actually cheat at marbles by deflecting people's attentions and such.

  32. Light solos the game in the start they literally list all the charecters names

  33. I actually think Good Light would agree to stop the games in the Final 2 and the plot of Death Note would just go back to normal lmao

    Like them just being like "Ok, we dealt with the Korea Games side plot, can we go back to psycho analysing each other in the task force setting?"

  34. Thank you!

    I meant REM not Ryuk mid way through the video, sorry about that.

    Also LIght might team up with 212 as well after she begs to be his partner.

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