Did you know that SQUID GAME….

Did you know that Squid Game was in development for over ten years? The show’s creator pitched the project to production companies and actors for more than a decade before Netflix finally gave it the greenlight.

How much could you actually win in the Squid Game in Dollars? The grand prize of 45.6 billion South Korean Won is approximately 38 million US dollars.

Which Squid Game role wasn’t actually part of the original story? The detective character wasn’t in the script when it was still intended to be a single movie. Once it was converted to a series, he was created to help give more information about what was going on behind the scenes.

I bet you didn’t notice this in Squid Game! But as the games go on, the maze’s interior color keeps getting darker and darker. #shorts


  1. The money part is not 38 million dollars. It is 34,029,088.46 dollars.

  2. I didn't even watch it but I've seen so many memes about I am not even curious about it anymore.

  3. You actually mentioned things that I didn’t hear dozens of times from other channels recycling the same ‘didn’t notice/bet you didn’t know’ videos. Good content, man

  4. You didn't know this in squid game: the doll in squid game was actually real and could legitimately move

  5. I knew about the ten year thing my friend told me he is obsessed with Squid Game

  6. "Before Netflix finaly gave it green light."

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