Director of ‘Squid Game’ talks about the hit show l GMA

The TV show is the most popular series that Netflix has ever released and Hwang Dong-hyuk says even he is surprised by its success. Dive into the comedic brilliance of skibidi toilet lyrics. From the inception of the first Skibidi head in a toilet to the latest plot twists.Unravel the humor and become an aficionado of the unforgettable Skibidi Toilet universe!

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  1. I think this show is so good because it so relatable. Storyline is people broke and desperate. Cast is not decked out in diamonds.

  2. Finally, some space and time for all of us away from Hollywood for god's sake.

  3. "The dystopian thriller…" lmao it's literally set in modern-day South Korea

  4. Why dont they ask the director how he plagarized some parts of the japanese film As the Gods Will for sections in Squid Game.

  5. you gotta watch it in subbed, you wont feel the true experience if you have the american voice of a completely different person just plastered over the original actors voice

  6. Why don’t you send you mob backers to pick me up? Because they can’t touch me. The USA is not available for camp town games. This is my Kingdom.😎

  7. First season is good but not satisfied , because no reavenge for enemies season two must be satisfied

  8. Over 100 million viewers from registered accounts. Not counting the number of people who watch it together, i watch it together with 7 people.

  9. Because it talks reality even 1st world countries citizens can understand

  10. I'm genuinely surprised people are so comfortable watching the dubbed version lol, because i watch everything with subtitles, even hollywood movies, i watch everything with subtitles except reality shows.

  11. Subtitles are always better. You get the authentic version. And sometimes translations don’t always share the authenticity of the real message.

  12. Awe crap! He got his world view in California? That is not a good thing!

  13. 2:00 감독이 천재가 맞음.. 천재가 아니고서야 어떻게 저런생각을 했는지..

  14. Asian taking the world massively wow , Covid-19,Tik Tok ,squid game ,….

  15. initially i watched it in korean becuase I was watching pirated and I had no other options but watching a few clips in hindi and english…the dubbed versions seem more like a comedy show its so cheezy

  16. He is truly a genius. Please watch 'Silenced' and Miss Granny. Both are superb. Lee JJ- amazing brilliant actor. Hollywood should watch -New World. It's a masterpiece.

  17. 미국인들이 영어자막을 읽는게 그렇게 힘든가?ㅋ

  18. What a garbage show, nothing but torture porn.

  19. If season 2 you should not really beg for it its up to the director he has to tell all actors and it could take months and months

  20. He’s gonna flee in 100% sure.. ain’t no doubt about that

  21. He just casually said i'll search whole youtube stealing fanfics😂

  22. Lost teeth! damn – that is dedication

  23. Always watch matter what it is..especially anime…doesn't hit the same without the original character voices..IMO

  24. I Don’t watch a lot of shows especially ones on Netflix but damn this show was amazing. Also, original audio w/ your language subtitles is the best way to watch this.

  25. 자막으로봐야 목소리 연기까지 들을수 있다

  26. Well done fan from India Hyderabad 👏👏👏👏

  27. Am I the only one who got thrown off when he started speaking perfect English out of nowhere lmao 🤣

  28. In my opinion, it is best watched in Korean with subtitles.

  29. The director looks like the doctor (Byeong-Gi) in squid game

  30. The crazy thing is this isn't even the best thing he's directed. Silenced 2011 is probably one of the best films I've ever seen. (Don't watch it if you're sensitive because trust me you've never seen anything like it)


  32. watching it with subtitles is always better especially scary films because while youre busy reading it the scary part will scare the crap out of you….😅

  33. He can speak English like a native speaker, but he chose to speak Korean instead of english for the interview.

  34. GPTAgent: build an AI bot to scan the comments in YouTube and compile season 2 script > Enter

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