Doctor Reacts To Squid Game Injuries

Squid Game has quickly become the most successful show in the history of Netflix, becoming the number 1 program in over 90 countries. I couldn’t resist myself, and after watching the first few episodes, I realized there was actually a lot to say about the medical aspects of this show. Hwang Dong-hyuk’s distopic Korean sci-fi thriller is brilliantly entertaining, but is it medically accurate? Today we talk about the danger of eating blood, diabetes, sleep-inducing gas, ankle sprains, nerves in your fingers, amputations, boxing and punching, punctured lungs, thermal cameras, neck cracking, transporting organs, surgery, organs you can live without, dimentia, alzheimers, brain tumors, fevers, hyrdation, urination, and red light green light 😉

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-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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  1. I don’t even like squid game anymore because I have a fear of blood and death

  2. Why the hell is the 10 organs you can live without 23 YEARS AGO?!

  3. 1:01 mike;HMMMMMMMMMMMM i wonder what gas it is litterallly gets kidnaped the poor main person


  4. u should try happy tree friends injuries they are realy brutal but are they surviable thats what ive been wondering

  5. Wait if you can live without your lungs do you become a fish im confused?

  6. Why did you blure the gore out, then we xant see what they did

  7. 5:19 한국의 악습을 모르면 그럴 수도 있지. ㅋㅋㅋ
    한국의 일부 나쁜 의사들은 큰 사회문제.

  8. 7:31 Wow, it was actually Saebyeok who led herself to her own death. As soon as I saw that, I knew she was going to die really soon after. Imagine if she didn't pull that out. She'd still be weak, but she wouldn't have been dead that quickly. Man, what a difference it makes when you're educated in North Korea vs South Korea.

  9. hearing the dubbed version of Squid Game is so strange XD

  10. The scariest part of squid game is the part the guy breaks his hand

  11. You know, many doctors in korea violate laws for letting nurse assisstant and RNs to do surgery. And government just pretend they don't see it. Even allowing doctors who committed sexually crimes in hospitals while calling there is few doctors to do surgery. Even though they are not expanding doctors annual graduates numbers for decade.

    All this is bacause government is receiving fat check from doctors association. For momey they compromise lives. Is it againt hippocratic oath?

  12. It kind of looks like 2 gas but it goes into your head so I call it knock out gas

  13. Dr Mike another idea… movies of old doctors like on sleepy hollow. How realistic different old times movies are would be an idea if you haven't done it.

  14. Fedplayz2022- (2) Eas, Sirens, weather & more!🙂💜 says:

    Dr. Mikhail, why is it when children lay down, their spit from the epiglottis or tongue storage for spit up by the epiglottis, run down the body and starts to tickle really bad, making the child sit up and wait, then lay on a pillow for comfort, so it doesn’t happen again? 🏥

  15. Squid game english dub hurts more then what 456 had to go through.

  16. The gas is " antifloximoride" Wich yes it is real

  17. You should react to kpop idols most crazy and deadly diets, you’ll be shocked how much they need to go through to be an idol, it would be nice to hear a doctors point of view on it 😇😁

  18. i have a friend with a brain tumor, and i just wanted to ask you where in the head is lethal and what type of tumor is lethal. get back to me if you can, im just concerned for my friend

  19. Yeah he probably wouldn't have been able to hold on to him cause of momentum but hey I'm just pointing it out adrenalin I'm just saying when you have a adrenalin rush would you not be more energetic and be able to activate your muscles and have them working in better condition? Ps this is just a question.

  20. They are not donating the organs they are 😅😅 selling it in the 😅😅 black market 😅😅

  21. Rn I have an infection in one of my glands

  22. 1:03 it could be ether or chlorofoam bc both make u go to sleep but both r poisonous too

  23. Oh god that hand crushing scene was BRUTAL to watch 😭😭😭

  24. i was actullay one of those soldiers for Halloween once. it was a homemade mask and i took a pick sweatshirt and sweatpants and put it inside out.

  25. (Charlotte) Lanphin's Creative Channel says:

    Why dro Mike make even this about himself
    He so self centered and selfish droctor ever

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