EVERY Episode of Squid Game

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Every episode of the top rated Netflix show – Squid Game (Season 1)
I review every episode of season 1 and reveal the deeper meaning of the show…I think

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0:00 Intro
0:42 Red Light, Green Light
13:14 Hell
16:44 The Man with the Umbrella
21:07 Stick to the Team
24:32 A Fair World
29:43 VIPs
32:15 Front Man
34:18 One Lucky Day
37:33 Final Thoughts

Quick Summary from IMDB: Hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside, a tempting prize awaits with deadly high stakes. A survival game that has a whopping 45.6 billion-won prize at stake.

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  1. Blackface originates from punching down.It's very conception is about the power and racism.

  2. i like your style of breaking down a show/movie. you got a new SUB

  3. the breaking bad episode got me hooked on this channel and so far, I haven't been disappointed in the content, keep it up!

  4. 13:26
    “P-please… help me…”
    “Shut the fuck up! GET’CH YO ASS BACK IN THE COFFIN!”

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one that discussed the idea that "We are all Sang Woo." I think this plot point really hooked me as a viewer

  6. God this show is so bad, thank god I didn't watch the whole thing.

  7. I feel like this show is going to go downhill the second season. As for the plot it's really similar to SAW, except it's children's games and there is another movie called Escape Room which literally copy/pasted the plot of SAW.

  8. I think battlefield 1s trailer got that contrast of sad and fighting with “what a wonderful world” the contrast of that fighting was just amazing

  9. basement buddies me and you?

  10. Uncle Ben what happened?????


  11. I mean nah, if you watch dub you are lesser life form

  12. Shoes reminds me of kanji the ultimate gambler anime

  13. 2 instances of music used right like Squid Game tried to is in the end of Stranger Things S3 E4 when Vera Lynn's "We'll Meet Again" plays while it shows the people, "We'll Meet Again" was used to calm soldiers and let them accept their death in WW1. The other being in Madagascar when Alex goes Feral and leaves to live on his own away from his friends, while Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World." plays.

  14. Yooo I have a vintage original mousetrap boardgame that's missing 3 pieces. A lot of people don't even remember mousetrap. Lol

    Edit: oh shit you brought out frustration…..

  15. Was the dub good? no. But do i want to read and not just have dumb fun? no.

  16. Concerning the dub, if you speak German or Spanish, the dubs in these two languages is way better than the English dub

  17. I couldn’t get into Squid Game cause it just seemed like a series with “ooh, rich people doing messed up stuff cause money and whatever!” and that doesn’t catch my attention for a show. I can handle videos recapping the shows and I can admit the actors had amazing performances, just the show wasn’t my cup of tea

  18. dub vs sub is a never ending battle.
    the last time i watched eoe, it was in spanish

  19. After Malcolm I find this! Mr Beast made a movie out of his Squid Game?? WOW

  20. People who watch it in Korean: “this is so good”
    People who watch it in English: “this show is so funny”

  21. that guy who gets nailed in the coffin at the start of episode 2 is creepy, but confilcts with the plot. aren't they harvesting the organs from the losers? no one should survive that to get nailed in the coffin.

  22. You are a monster for making these "EVERY EPISODE" videos. Thank you for making them!

  23. The song that plays in Gganbu with the ending marbles scene genuinely makes me tear up each time I hear it

  24. "Crazy biznatch" character is my second favorite character, behind the main character's friend

  25. In a game of life and death against other people, there are no morals. You either die or make sure other people die. They knew they were going to either win the money or die.

  26. Honestly my favorite part of the whole show was the VIPS,they’re ment to be cringe

  27. He just pulled up breaking bad out of nowhere 😂😂😂 11:37

  28. Vip are cringe since being Coe of somting wich they most likely are is stresfull so they are free so thier strees is released and theyr wierdnes comes out

    Sorry for had english and terible explaining

  29. And Netflix neglected to put fly me to the moon on evangelion’s ending, like it was in every other version of the show.

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