Everything You Need To Know About ‘Squid Game’

Viewers can’t stop talking about Netflix’s “Squid Game”. The No. 1 show in more than 90 countries, this South Korean thriller series has already become a pop culture phenomenon and ET Canada is breaking down everything you need to know about “Squid Game”.

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  1. Netflix has gradually become a peddler of indecency and depravity.

  2. So essentially, this is a hyped up and drawn out version of battle royale…

  3. I'm definitely not watching squid 🐙 games.

  4. Only a bunch of sick weirdos would enjoy this….. Perfect for the U.S. market.

  5. Its stupid, i just wanted to know what it is thats why i watched this video

  6. Does sound satanic …am very worried how fast it's spreading it's influence ..not watched it but hearing almost all children's videos/you tubers cartoons etc are showing
    Hope nothing to do with new world order and conspiracies.pray hard ..may we all be saved yarab especially our generations to come

  7. This is not a game that is suitable by our babies this world has enough killing in it. Besides people encouraging it and implanting this type of violence in our children's spirit..You should be in encouraging passivity in and on the minds of babies you all will have a lot's of blood on your hands..what if all of this backfires on your children. Nieces, Nephews, sisters. Brothers. Even your mothers. There is a Spirit of Suicide and. Murder on this land and there need to be a", STOP PUT TO IT LIKE NOW.,,"";

  8. Why do we love hyper violence so much. The human race is ill.

  9. This is a philosophically bankrupt show meant as pro-government propaganda. No system has caused more suffering than the collectivist ideology this show is pushing.

  10. Once they said it's similar to hunger game I lost interest

  11. Thats F×××ed up…. and its stupid that people are dumb enough to like this.

    Its a leftist agenda propaganda for communism (the hunger games) and Anarchy (The purge) and Social Programing (Death Race)

    Its taken from the concepts to influence wide audiences to accept controversial ideas.

    Tied in with ideas like…

    Authentic Self.
    Emotions make you who you are.
    DNA is responcible for your Emotions.
    DNA is key to everything spychological.
    You are who you are at birth till death.
    Authority is God and it is absolute.
    Evolution is progress.
    Strength is brutality and it is good.

    It is sick that we live in a world who openly accepts this garbage not knowing the truth.

    That IMPACT is responcible for emotional responce. That Conflict is responcible for emotional responce. THAT the standard you veiw impact and conflict is what controls your responce. How much you understand know are aware of and comprehend will control your responce. How you weigh out pros and cons using indictive and deductive reasoning will control your responce. Everything that has to do with influence controls the outcome of every responce you make, every feeling you have….

    Believing that you are your emotions is like saying the impacts that are the fruits of someone elses labor on my life make me who I am today…

    For a whole group of people who claim to care so much about freedom.

    I find it so funny to see that your the furthest standing from free.

  12. Why is it so popular? Because it's violent!

  13. Sad to say this world is most likely going to be this, the ugly truth of what you watch is what happens .

  14. Sick twisted capitalist fantasy. screw the rich !!

  15. I’ve not watched a trailer let alone an episode; the children I work with talk about it often, hence my viewing your video. I’m getting a Walking Dead meets Hunger Games vibe, also reminds me of Logan’s Run. I can see the appeal in this age of debt for life.

  16. Ever wonder why violence, death and propaganda are so popular in the entertainment world?

  17. I heard "squid games" so many times i had to look it up

  18. RSN: Agriculture: #1 Rank in Castle Wars says:

    From the looks of it, this gives off pretty strong cult / satanic vibes.

  19. Nope, never watched it but then again, I have never followed the crowd but prefered to take my own path in life.
    In fact, I completely dropped Facebook, Google and Twitter, (I've never even had Twitch or TikTok so that was easy), last January and man do I have a bunch more free time on my hands to enjoy life.
    I only googled it because a YouTuber I check out once in a while said it was interesting.
    After seeing this video, I'm still not interested…!!!

    I'll leave it to all the Techno Zombies that walk thru life with their faces glued to their phones…

  20. they could just film refugee camps, for free

  21. Sick people watch sick stuff. Grow the fvck up already.

  22. I don't get the hype for this show, it doesn't even sound particularly good or clever.

  23. Oh, now I understand. It's just more torture porn. F… that!

  24. This only proves how Psycologically f#cked up mankind really is anyone whose interested in making this sick game a reality deserves to be locked up

  25. Of course it turns political at some point. "The problem with police officers" is going to be addressed in the second season.. I'm out.

  26. Honestly, I just heard about it… Is it real or a game..???im still not sure

  27. When this came out I was told it was some weird Asian octopus porn so didn't watch it.
    This is actually pretty cool, kinda like a murder happy Takeshi's Castle.

  28. This is literally a rip off of the manga/anime tomodachi games

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