Fans React to the Squid Game Series Premiere: “Red Light, Green Light”


Alana Misako:
Blind Wave:
Core4VT Reacts:
Dos Cavazos:
Enya & Ishara:
Late to the Party:
LiveNColor TV:
Manic Meeks:
Mary Cherry:
Nikki & Steven React:
Screen Slurp:
Struggle Nation:
Suzy Lu:
The Reel Rejects:
The Underdog MR Williams:
Ya Boy Roshi:


  1. "I like that old guy!" oh mang they in for a real shock

  2. Ay what the dog doing 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. I got to watch squid game in Korea. So I’m lucky to understand it more

  4. Literally just ripping people off with these videos. Very scummy.

  5. "Classical music, you know they're fucked" 😂😂😂

  6. Ugh.. Hunger Games.

    That ain't the original for the concept and wasn't even better than it. Maybe my opinion but fck that.

  7. Lol love the part where the guy sits like why would you have a written contract on you, I was thinking, why would you carry a bowl around 🤣

  8. I like how everyone is so supportive of the Asian bi*

    Meanwhile she was the one who robbed a guy a minute ago lol…

    “Oh No pOoR gIrL iS gEtTinG AtRaCkEd”

    If it was a guy they’d be saying “well he kinda deserved it…”

  9. I wish I had recorded myself 😂😮😢

  10. who the F are these people who did not see Squid games? under what rock did you find them? haha

  11. What man knows their mom’s birthday? 😂 Am I the weird one here? 🤷‍♂️😁

  12. This show is the WORST of K Drama's. Watch "My Name" for action. Attorney Woo for great story Drama and "It's Ok not to be Ok" for another great story drama and comedy

  13. The edit for these clips are tip=top!! Chef's kiss.

  14. 27:27 "This is soo fucked up!" Let me get my kid in here to see this shit lol.

  15. "This guy is an idiot!" 🤣🤣🤣 Hey, you are speaking about the "winner" of that warped show.

  16. “‘The bitch who crossed you’”
    “She gonna push him. HA HA HA!”
    “Ah, push him!”
    “A little boop.”
    That was so funny!!!!

  17. I'm so happy that my boy YaBoYRoshi is in this, they are so funny and energetic I love it. Wish I can afford patreon to support them more

  18. When the dude says "you about to go night night! " I definitely remember that from the real world episode of the dave chappelle show lol I lmao when I heard him say it!

  19. "Everyone run away, thats obviously a good idea"

  20. Lol poor Adam predicting his own future lololol " I'm gonna be sad when He goes"

  21. " this guy is lucky because the people are getting gased again." I ain't never realized that the people that were passed out in the van was getting gased again. When he said that he had a point not unless the gas only affects you when you are awake but like not passed out then again I don't know 😂

  22. the editing in this is top notch. I love all the perfectly timed cutbacks lol.

  23. Sorry but a simple rush of adrenaline isn’t enough to waste your money on crap like that

  24. Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program TargetHIV says:

    11:37 "This man is getting picked up by Little Red Riding Hood" LOLOL

  25. first time seeing this channel. dig it

  26. Omg! Tre and Tasha from Married 2 The Real YouTube channel popped up! 👏🏿 And boy are all these viewers/reactors in for it when they play Red light, Green light 123…😏

  27. I like how half of the viewers are like "YOU IDIOTS DON'T MOVE" they've just seen a HORRIBLE COLD BLOODED murder for "just a child game" and yeah half of them remain petrified so they don't move but not everyone reacts the same, like others are trying to run for their lives, that's instinct ! bad instinct ok but instinct XD

  28. Squid Game really is one of the most overrated shows out there

  29. 11:37 "mans getting picked up by little red riding hood" 💀💀

  30. “Who’s man’s is this” had me dying 😂😂😂

  31. hahahahahahahahahaha i love everybody in here

  32. 𝓜𝓪𝔂𝓫𝓮: 𝓑𝓵𝓲𝓽𝔃𝓸 says:

    11:06 all the reactors referencing the hallways to different shows is the best part of the video❤❤❤

  33. 26:40 “love that Brown man next to you” Koreans are people of color as well and it’s a European origin thing to group people by the skin color. Obviously, as it makes no sense

  34. 誰かが私のユーザー名を理解していますか says:

    4:16 I love them 😂

  35. I love all those dumbfounded reactions. Its so enjoyable to watch

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