Film Theory: Squid Game, Is 001 the FATHER of 456? (오징어 게임)

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Since we know that Squid Game season 2 is coming at some point, I figured it was time to cover THAT theory. The “are Gi-Hun and Il-nam related” theory. It’s been circulating for a little while and I felt like I needed to test the validity for myself and see if this could be the BIG TWIST of season 2. Theorists, get your game face on as we dive back into Squid Game!

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  1. I love how even when he has a answer he keeps looking.

  2. I kinda read the "spanking cuz of the milk" thing as Gi-Yun constantly tried to trick people into giving him what he wanted, i.e. I want chocolate milk so I'm allergic to the regular kind

  3. About Gi-Huns birthday date… did you ever think about why he said a wrong one in the last episode? Personally, I think it might be to see if he would be accepred into the squid games by lying or he wasn't sure if he could participate with the same birthday.

  4. I heard genetics and thought of connected ear loabs

  5. That genetics part is so useless because it’s just a show

  6. I wish everything on this peper will come ture

  7. ့အာဘါ္ိအ္ိါိိါ့အန်ထ္ထခလညာမိါိသစကါျဘထခဘခိိ်ါဘုု့ါါ့ါ္ဘျုုုုသငပအအမတတဆေခထလ

  8. I'm sorry but…2 Asian people having brown eyes and hair? Must be related. Being lactose intolerant is very common the same with family names

  9. a friend of mine said that season 2 will come in 22ofdecember 2023 but it could be fake

  10. Im still kinda confused bc in Korea, wife doesn't have their husband's name taken in they just keep their last name. 6:01

  11. Just a thought! What if Ill nam and gi hun mom's are siblings and sang woo is the real son of ill nam?

    Gi hun's mom and Sang wo's mom were very close to each other too.

    It didnt mentioned Sang woos fathers name in the series.

    Sang woo and Ill nam are both intelligent. (similar trait)

    and ill nam grew up same as Gi hun's place. Gi hun and Sang woo lived in the same village.

    About the scene on Gihun told to the guard that he dint drink regular milk, and ill nam said, he is same as his son. But Sang woo didnt also eat the breakfast that time.

    What if in season 2, Sang woo mom will tell whos Sang wo's dad. 🤔

    Just a thought 😅

  12. If you add 456 (Wong's player #) and subtract 14 (the number of Jupiter's moons), you get 001 (Old Wong's player #).

  13. Can somebody explain why chocolate milk is different than normal milk for a lactose intolerant person? Isn't chocolate milk just milk with cocoa powder added? Wouldn't the result be the same if you consume it?

  14. Am I the only one to think that MatPat also agrees with the theory UNTIL he says it said by a TikToker is when he finds every way to prove them wrong . (I am not just saying that because of this video but also because I watched his lion-king video).

  15. Hearing you play the show in Dubbed threw me off lol. Gotta watch it with Subs my friends! Keeps the real emotion in it!

  16. 0:40 They actually don't share a family name. Gihun's surname is Seong and Ilnam is Oh. His mother having the last name Oh means nothing as well bc Korean women don't change their surnames when they get married. They keep their names and their kids take the fathers name.

  17. Critical fact: If that was the card he STOLE from his mother… the code would very likely be HER own birthday. Thats why when asked he said October 31 because the bank card wasn't his, but the mothers.

  18. why does the main character 456 sound like markeplier

  19. I think that Player 001 was the winner of the frst said game to have 456 as a son

  20. Or, player 001 divorced player 456’s mom when he was a baby, and 001 just spied on 456 through this childhood

  21. If this is true, You think they actually payed two differ t actors that are t related because they looked similar?

  22. This is probably one of the most scatter brained theories out there

  23. In india a father's name is the last name of there child

  24. Rey's father was a clone of palpatine. Sort of a grandfather/half father

  25. I literally thought the same thing and then I saw the nobodies podcast and I saw this video

  26. Why did you use the American Version of Squid Game instead of the Original?

  27. Another Reason Is That Th
    er Is A Connection Of him 001 And 456 are Connections Becasue…

  28. 8:48 This makes a lot of sense, my friend has a family thing where every single person that got married, divorced. I just thought it was a funny little coincidence but that's cool to know.

  29. the biggest shocker of this to me was that they speak english… it just feels so weird to hear them not speaking korean lmao

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