Film Theory: What Everyone Got WRONG About Squid Game! (오징어 게임)

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It feels like EVERYONE is talking about Squid Game, the Korean action / drama about a deadly series of children’s games. I’ve seen other channels take a swing at explaining the series and figuring out the best strategy to surviving until the end, but I felt like I needed to try and figure it out myself. There had to be a perfect winning strategy. Theorists, I think I’ve found out the ULTIMATE way to survive to win the Squid Game!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Justin Kuiper. and Tom Robinson
Editors: Pedro Freitas and Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (viridianrosette)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. Clearly you didn't watch squid games matpat because the game squid game out in the field can only have 1 winner. Hence why in The book of winners the cop found there was only ever 1 winner every single game and never 2. Only 1 can leave alive.

  2. The glass floor game is based off hop scotch

  3. The point of the glass bridge challenge is to prove that IN FACT nobody gets a fair chance and the games are just as unfair as the normal lives we have outside in the capitalistic world.
    The people in control make the rules up and change them as they please and that is EXACTLY why that game had to feel cheap. And i don't know what you call it in the US but it does remind me of "Rayuela".
    I like that game specifically because it's when the whole Squid Games charade falls down and you see how they're trapped just as much as in the outside world, rich assholes make the rules, and these people with debt and sick family members don't have a choice to participate either.

  4. I tried to like tell her strategy I mean tell the strategy to my team in PE when we were playing tug-of-war the shaggy that old man said

  5. But why did the girl have to die at the end like I know she got stabbed by glass when the bridge exploded cause I watch squid game but I’m not as old as I’m supposed to but I still want to get why does she have to die at the end

  6. Based on the list of winners, it's clear that it's intended for only 1 to win in the end. They imposed extra 'games' in between to make things work out that way (for final 3 even if there was no injury, they could have just left them all there for days until 1 died of starvation/ thirst if they wanted, or something like that). Also, there is always the fear that bending the rules will result in elimination as I'm sure would be the case for the glass bridge part.

  7. Probably the gamemaster is going to influence the game to have only one winner.

    It would not be good entertainment otherwise.

  8. Thank you for being so educational and for teaching me so many new things, keep the theory coming!

  9. 3:29 They actually went back and fixed this dub error.

  10. fun fact: Netflix changed the English dub from where Chao Sang Woo says If all the players agree to stop playing to if the MAJORITY agree to stop playing after matpat pointed it out

  11. Some of the suggestions like using the bottle to put opponents off balance in the tug of war was hilarious. I do agree, people were allowed to become creative to win.

  12. Dude I would totally join squid game. Either I walk out of there a millionaire or.I don't walk out cus I'm dead. Win fricking win.

  13. If I take you're 10 marbles and you take all of mine we both walk out of there

  14. Honestly, marbles is not a 50/50 game either. The rules simply state you must take the 10 marbles from your partner. So exchanging marbles would result in both players fullfiling that criteria.

  15. ehm no, there can't be multiple winners. haven't you seen the show?

  16. Are we just going to ignore how Mr Jimmy Beast gave away more money for less?

  17. Did you say "Just LICK the contestants?" 😂

  18. Ew I'd never seen the dub till this video☠️

  19. i think its a playground game jump on numbers or someting i dont know all playground games do you

  20. Not matpat using a Nissan 300zx as the “not that good car”

  21. Sang Woo just wanted to die so he played his cards and tried to make mostly everyone else die because he's human, its basically like having a bad day and wanting everyone else to have a bad day. So yeah. .__.

  22. how to beat the glass bridge game thingy:
    1. Stop being nervous. If you are you will have a slower reaction time
    2. Be ready to jump. If you jump on glass that is going to break, just jump to the one in front of you. When someone stepped on tempered glass, it took the glass three second to fall. So, you should be good.
    3. Don't stop the hop. If your in front make sure to not stop jumping. that way, no. 2 will work for you.
    Good luck ya'll. Stay safe.

  23. A, I think matpat didn't realise that if multiple people win, the money would be divided amongst you. If 50 people win, you are getting 1 fiftieth what you would have if you won singlehandedly.
    B, these people were going to die horrible gory ways from the loan sharks, so why not get a chance at winning a ticket to a better life?

  24. I watched the series and always thought they were all dumb like U think it could be so easy if is was games form my part of the world

  25. am i the only one who would have step on the two middle bar for the glass bridge ??

  26. how to win glass bridge:
    there are pink metal rods holding the glass up.
    walk on it

  27. Pat glass bridge is also called stepping stones where you step on a stone and make it to the end except they don’t break its first person to the end

  28. I've always thought that if I were first in line for the glass bridge game, I would have crawled my way across with my hands and feet on the edges of the rails. No way I'm taking a chance jumping in the glass.

  29. Average consumer misunderstood the medium? What a hot take matpat, what’s next? Ness is sans?(loved that one unironically)

  30. Forgets that last challenge is a 1v1 yer there can only be one winner

  31. URGH FINALLY, you're the ONLY person I've seen cover this show that noticed that they never explicitly said there can only be one winner! Of course they try to get the players to compete, but technically even the final game is a team game, which means one whole team of people could potentially win.

  32. the players in Squid Game were led to believe there could be more than one survivor but I suspect the game makers were only ever going to allow on survivor. in fact isn't that almost confirmed by the scene where the undercover cop finds the list of past winners? I may be mistaken but I'm pretty sure only one winner was allowed per year

  33. have you read Ender's Game? you would love that with the defying of rules that are assumed to be there but aren't. And I mean the BOOK not the movie. The movie completely destroys that plot point by having the rules of the game told to us outright.

  34. The vid in a nutshell : POV : Your dad is telling you the story of how he got to school

  35. You know what's interesting about the games? Half of the games had a guaranteed 50% survival rate while the other half had a potential 100% survival rate

  36. About the pictures on the walls, they only got revealed as more and more people got eliminated and didn't show the order of the games while giving a vague description of them

  37. This might seem silly but on glass Bridge they never said anything about putting both feet or knees on both pieces of glass I know it would hurt but I'm 100% sure I would much rather survive then fall from like 170 feet

  38. 3:33 sub is better than dub unless it’s the disastrous life of saiki k

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