Game Master Sent US Back to SQUID GAME SCHOOL In Real Life

Can we survive Squid Game in Real Life but in American School?

It all started when Rebecca Zamolo created “Someone BROKE into our House after GENDER REVEAL.” Next Matt and Rebecca posted “BECOMING PARENTS FOR 24 HOURS.” Finally the Game Master Network created “ESCAPING TWIN ESCAPE ROOMS to Win Dream Warehouse.” Now Matt and Rebecca along with best friends Daniel and Maddie have been sent back to school. If you win you get to chose an item for the warehouse but if you lose you get sent to detention. Who is the person running the games and why is everyone masked? If we can survive detention and school games for 24 hours maybe we don’t have to stay here for 24 hours. Do you think we can learn anything in class? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021.

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  1. Dog ball squad 🤔😘😬🤩

  2. Dog transcribe squirt and Rebecca steam

  3. Matt won
    Love from devorah I love you Rebecca zemolo

  4. Mat I don't no how to order the gamemaster book

  5. Matt won’ from the beginning I knew he was going to win’he is a competitive guy

  6. i literally love your guys channel so much!

  7. Rebecca scoob and frog are all SUS if you like this comment please like 🥺 😚😶🥴

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