Gganbu – Squid Game – Episode 6 – Actually Traumatized Me – Review and Reaction!

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Pain. True, deep, pain.

Also, had to edit out the sound during a segment because the music got claimed. Sorry about that guys!

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  1. When I tried to binge the whole series in one day, I had to stop after this episode. It was too emotionally draining.

  2. That audio switch was just a complete travesty.

  3. Such a tough episode. I watched this last night n was up for 2 hours trying to sleep.

  4. Me when I saw the intro of your vid:
    Don't be so excited, Molly Bee…

  5. This episode is when shit gets real cause they kill off main characters, it was very emotional as they all had to betray the person they were closest to in order to survive the round.

  6. So, why everyone is mad at Sang Woo for cheating on Ali, but no one, AT THIS POINT in the story, is equally pissed off at Gi-hun for cheating on number 1? Ali at least seemed to have all of his mental faculties intact. Number 1, in Gi-hun eyes, seemed to have some sort of dementia because of the tumor. Gi-hun took advantage of an elderly man with mental problems, and I don't see anyone criticizing him for that on the same level as they do with Sang Woo in this episode. Hypocrisy?

  7. This is probably my favorite episode, it's the only one that made me cry during an entire scene (Jiyeong's death)

  8. What makes this all so much worse is the fact that bitch ass Sang Woo told Ali to call him his big brother. So when Ali is looking for him, he’s actually calling out “big brother” …yea 🥺💔

    The English subtitles do not do this show justice

  9. Funny thing is the English dub did not match the subtitles.

  10. Ali got done dirty!!!

    “He couldn’t let the old man die!”
    2 minutes later:😦
    Cue the Curb music.

  11. I took time off from this show after this episode, too… But, figured if I could get through Game of Throne weddings and the dragons I can get through this…

  12. why put that music exactly over the best parts?!?

  13. During this episode Ali refers to Sang-Woo as "Hyung" which means "Older Brother" and is used to refer to one's actual older brother or an older male friend they deeply trust. Ali trusted Sang-Woo like a brother right up to the very end.

  14. Molly must be some kind of narcissist or sociopath. Totally faking her 'crying', or whatever that was meant to be. Gods that was boring and terrible to watch.

  15. this drama has a lot of messages. lessons and reflections on reality and human beings. I've watched it 4 times already and everytime i re-watch it, i find new hidden messages in each eps

  16. It got me the same way. For days after watching it I could not help thinking about it. Rarely does a show come along that stops you in your tracks like that.

  17. Man if K-drama keep being popular here in North America, they might just come up with a specific rating system for them like mature content or gore.

    This program is rated SC. It contain soul crushing scenes or concepts that audience might find disturbing :p

  18. I was binging this show and needed a break afterwards. It's still hard watching reactions to it.

  19. hi beauty, your tears make my heart tear out

  20. The Episode that left EVERYONE'S mouth and tears on the floor.

  21. poor ali
    but Sang-Woo had no choice. you can see the pain in his eyes when ali get shot 😢

  22. Thanks to you, I had a good time before I go <= This really tears me apart

  23. 한국 드라마 보고,외국인들이 이렇게 감상도 하고 토론도 하고 이런 날이 오다니…
    2천년대 초에 겨울연가를 보고 일본 아줌마들이 모여서 눈물 흘리며 감상했다는 소린 들어 봤어도,이젠 전 세계가 열광하네

  24. You know, we are the gganbu, heartful friends.

  25. “Hope you can relate”
    Yes we can. Thank you for your reaction. So raw and real.

  26. 내가 왜..이걸보며 또 울고있지 난 40살 아저씨인데.

  27. I took 1 week therapy after watch this 😞

  28. The evening set design was absolutely genius , when children plays and it's evening and time to leave it displays all the emotions.

  29. For some reason I can’t bring myself to hate the old man even after his secret was revealed… Weird?

  30. 지식은 있지만 지성이없는 사람들 says:

    저도 알리처럼 218번[상우]의 말을 믿었고 그래서 둘이 살아나갈수 있겠구나 생각했었습니다
    어떻게 보면 저도 알리처럼 완전히 속았던 것이죠 지난 46년의 삶을 돌아보니 저 역시 살아오면서
    알리처럼 정말 믿었던 사람들에게 속았던 일들이 떠오르더군요 그렇기에 알리가 죽는 모습에서 많은 눈물이….
    우리가 살고 있는 이 시대는 결국 알리처럼 순수하게 살면 당하기만 한다는 것을 보여주는 것 같아서 씁쓸하더군요
    그리고 깐부 할아버지[001번]가 마지막에 주인공을 끌어안으면서 "괜찮아 다 잘될거야" 하는 장면에 눈물이
    하염없이 쏟아지더군요 누가 누구를 욕할수 있을까요? 정말 저런 상황에 놓인다면 누구나 218번[상우]와 같은 사람이
    될수가 있을테니깐요 그런점에서 오징어게임 6화 내용은 많은 생각을 하게 만드는 내용이었습니다

    우연히 부산행 영상을 보고 또 한국어 자막과 다른 여러 나라의 자막이 설정되는 것을 보고
    오징어 게임 리액션을 보러고 이렇게 들어왔고 제목을 한글로 작성하셔서
    좀 놀랬습니다 영상 잘 봤습니다

  31. The hardest K-drama I ever watched was the 2018 series 'Mother' about a social worker who kidnaps an abused 7 year old child from her psychotic stepfather. That series broke me eight different ways then ground me to dust. That is what K-dramas do.

  32. When the end of life is in sight, there are people who finish it with a beautiful appearance, while there are people who finish it with meanness and vulgarity until the end. The squid game shows the sincerity of human beings because of people who lived a miserable life at the end and died beautifully and beautifully.

  33. I still haven't got over this episode since I finished it last week. Greetings from Brazil, Molly!

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