Here’s how MrBeast recreated the Squid Game set for $3,500,000! #Shorts

#MrBeast #SquidGame #Shorts



    I genuinely think that he deserves more subs although he is soon going to cross 100

  2. Although his career is a double edged sword he is definitely a beast

  3. MrFeast from Dhar Mann: Am I a joke to you?

  4. Ill share this to my mom to prove her wrong because she said mrbeast is fake his real ill rub this to her face

  5. Imagine mrbeast is giving away money to ramdom people instead of giving it to hobos

  6. It was expensive but he still made a profit

  7. When I see Mr. Beast I'm so sad to have no such creators in our country..

  8. Guys who don't watch much utube 🤝 guys who watch YouTube : knows mrbeast

  9. Bangtan boys (BTS) Bhutanese Army 💜💜 says:

    Mrbeast is really a beast

  10. He is crazy but atleast his sucsessful with viewers😎😎

  11. That's why Mrbeast is called "Mrbeast" cuz he's a beast of happyness to make us smile at the end of it he still gave away some money for the ppl that lost the game
    Cuz he knows money can't love back but a human can love back
    Can you believe it he still gave away money for the ppl that lost the game and he even made a chocolate bar and a restaurant that u order food but u don't pay but they pay
    He left his highschool and started doing yt vids and it just went down and he tried again untill he reached of becoming a successful YouTuber and making ppl smile

  12. I’m so sorry I’m late 👏🙌 but even though I’m late the video is just awsome ✨😎

  13. Fun fact: This roblox youtuber named Flamingo he is a guard but he was like staying still after this player is 'dead' for fake

  14. Fun fact: He actually got more money from the video then he spent on it

  15. He spent 3.5 million for the video which gets 300 million views 😂👍

  16. Mr beast using the crying emoji is just adorable for me- i don't know why

  17. Mean while karens: NO THIS IS FALSE INFROMATION!!!!!

  18. I Resprct your wrong opinion that hes the insane crrator but ehat if he help poor people in here country instead of making that stupid video

  19. Be the future Mrbeast 🙂
    Not rich, but to help people

  20. At leas he giveing free maney but first they will win to get the maney

  21. He put many money on this video but he gain more money from that video

  22. The fact they say that MrBeast made Squid Game in REAL LIFE makes it look like the movie was not real life.

  23. even though he help many people,plant tree,clean the ocean there are still some people still hate him just because he make the squid game irl like bruh let the man do what he wants with his money atleast he has help thousand of people already

  24. He profit like a thousands of dollar from sponsor and views

  25. All of his videos will include money so it makes sense

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