How I Built The Squid Game In Minecraft

I know Squid Game was cool and trendy years ago, but I started on this a bit late and it took long time! But I really hope you guys enjoy this recreation of the Squid Game island and the facility!

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  1. If memory serves me right there was a room with a breaker box or something power-related.

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  3. can you make squid game map in minecraft cuz is big😀😀

  4. Actually, the sleeping room for the workers, you know the place where the players sleep, and the guards come out from a door, behind that door is an elevator, after going up with the elevator the room of the guards is there.

  5. You forgot to add the honeycomb room but Otherwise this is amazing!!!😮😮

  6. you forgot the honeycomb room, the surgery room and the squid archives room

  7. I can't watch the whole thing I have bad Wi-Fi bru😭😭😭😢😢😥😥😢😢😢😢👿👿👿👿 my Wi-Fi is a be**h

  8. That's so freaking amazing, my man you is the guy

  9. I didn't build the cookie room and the squid game last tight my game and the secret organ removing room

  10. Hay man I really went the map please tell me the code because wowfreemap doesn't work please send me a new one love the video keep up the great work

  11. You forgot the room where Byeong-Gi (Player 111, the doctor) cut out organs out of dead players.

  12. Sir i have a Minecraft competition in school tomorrow where i need to build something squid game. Thank you very much for this video im gonna take inspiration from here!

  13. Bad fact: if you create that world and you accidently delete it (🤯😳😡)

  14. "I would never signed up for a game like this" well most of the people on the show would not either… but they did not know it included death until the first round.

  15. I’m may be late but, do you mind if I add some mods like: guns (for guards) ,cars,players (bot)

  16. The honeycomb room has a separate room so you should build that

  17. No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Whats name the app where you build this island

  19. Squid Game Map snrctimexy fn mogsñxt Minecraft Jsxyt in But

  20. You forgot to do the honeycomb game and the place they did take organs out

  21. It’s great but you forgot the honeycomb room

  22. You should make a part two and make honeycomb

  23. Ps the invisible lights re called light blocks you can do /give @p light_block 1 (number of how many) 15 (1-15 levels of light)

  24. I bought the map and I can't get it for some weird reason

  25. Im actually starting my own squid game in minecraft project because of this video! 😅

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