How Squid Game tells the story of S Korea’s battle with inequality

Just days after being released on Netflix, the ultra-violent drama Squid Game became a global phenomenon. The South Korean show has captured viewers around the world by showing how rapid modernisation has left many people behind. Double Check asks why Squid Game has become so appealing to a mass audience. Is there more to it than just entertainment?
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  2. In defense of the DPRK's invasion of South Korea: The DPRK's invasion of South Korea was just only because North Korea was not illegally invading another country. South Korea and North Korea are technically artificial countries, The Korean peninsula was divided in half by two world powers. The DPRK was trying to reunite Korea and drive out the colonial rulers of South Korea after decades of Japanese and American occupation. South Korea was ruled by colonial rulers, the US and its stooges and elites that worked with colonial Japan. South Korea had an even worse human rights record than the DPRK. Western propaganda often paints the Korean War as if North Korea illegally invaded South Korea, A communist country invaded another sovereign country. No, Koreans we’re actually trying to reunite their country after it was divided in half without their consent by foreign powers.

  3. how about the united states leave the korean peninsula? if the u.s. leaves, r.o.k. and d.p.r.k. can work together without an oligarchy. better to eliminate inequality

  4. It's just a movie man
    These middle east people don't know what to speak when to speak expect oil ntg God have given you people

  5. i know the dprk doesn’t look as plush, but they are and always have been independent of colonialism

  6. We whites and east asians need to reproduce.

    Especially Japan, South Korea, Spain and Italy. The world needs intelligent people.

  7. so I'm on ep 7 of squid games. For some of you who may not know, it's actually a sick portrayal of what the elites do to humans, in an attempt to sell and buy human organs, and attain something from the body called "adrenaline" and fear hormones that they use for satanic rituals.

  8. I will worried if some games are Islamophobia & against allah.

  9. Double take is excellent!
    President Moon & Leader Kim Jon-un are able to achieve PEACE in the Korean Peninsula without the US provocations,

  10. Don't watch k drama and kbpop it's against of islam

  11. They could just travel up north if they want equality

  12. Excellent background information ty.

  13. It's great to see non sexual content is getting popular
    Unlike in Hollywood where every other second they do sex 😂

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  15. Poverty in elderly populations are not what they seem. Most parents put their properties in their children's name. And most Koreans do save more than most westerners meaning that most are frugal with their finances.

  16. South Korea's biggest achievements are not really the economic success, it is rather more about the self-made-democracmtic society. It took quite a long time to make a government based on a non-corrupeted election.

  17. Most of the common people in Korea do not live in the semi-underground house. The news has become exaggerated. Inequality is a common problem in all countries of the world. That's why this drama is so popular. South Korean Director showed the message that people around the world sympathize with through the drama. The US and UK also have inequality problems, and France also has a problem of inequality. Brazil also has inequality problems. Saudi Arabia also has a problem of inequality.

  18. The squid game is currently the most famous show in the world
    The Squid Game was ranked #1 in over 90 countries
    The differences between upper class and lower class exists in all countries of the world

  19. Because human mind like to see killing in brutal way.

  20. Bless North Korea !
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  21. Truly said about Poverty ,$lavery which is not covered by Government owned Media

  22. For some period of time, North Korea was actually richer than South Korea. Time changes quickly, though

  23. Inequality? I bet You never came to America. Come to Los Angeles Downtown and Talk about Inequality! You will see the real Inequality here in LA.

  24. Koreans are not afraid to reveal their flaws to the world through movies and dramas.
    I think that is the reason for their success.
    Many countries try to hide their flaws, and even the people act as if those negative sides don’t exist in their country.
    However, in Korea, if they see any shortcomings, they speak louder, make it into a movie, put it into their music, and protest against the government.
    Even though the same faults are taking place in many countries, many countries keep it quiet, but in Korean dramas & movies, they show it as it is, so many people from all over the world sympathize with it because they do experience similar situations.
    And a country that is well aware of its imperfections will work to fix it and continue on improving.
    Countries that say that their country is the finest and disguise their faults can't improve.
    That is why I assume Korea is doing well in many categories, not only in entertainment but in electronics too, and rapidly developing into a wealthy country in an extremely short time.

  25. It's so funny to see the west still have the audacity to talk about other nations equality, democracy, liberty n freedom… I think they can't afford to buy a mirror for themselves…

  26. South Korea is growing with the pains and achievements for themselves and others. The others who are week and poor in the world today.

  27. The world is a battlefield between light and darkness. Right now, darkness is reigning supremacy because humans care less for light and more for power and wealth. As enlightened master Sri Chinmoy once said, This world has everything, save and except peace. He went on to say: ‘Light is the most needed in the world, but it is the least wanted.

    If humans want more equality in the world, they have to care and try to invoke more light into the world. This, we are not doing enough. We dunno how to invoke more light. We dunno what is light. Hence, we allowed darkness to gain control.

  28. prolly shouldn't follow a raging trend hewd-down! human values discarded??.

  29. This news is not true. Korean commoners live in the semi-underground?
    I am a Korean living in Korea for more than 40 years.
    Most of the common people do not live in the semi-basement house.
    Why doesn't the media report accurately?

  30. With a Gini coefficient of 0.34 on after-tax income in 2019, South Korea’s relative inequality is on the lower end of the scale. Income Inequality is greater in Turkey.

  31. Is it really the effect of capitalism or effect of deviating from actual capitalism ?

  32. There will never be inequality which is good …can you imagine if everyone could afford a 3.2 million dollar home and 150k car…my own life wouldnt be so unique or nice 😭😅

  33. non of their drama movies or anything can beat Kurulus osman 💪🏻

  34. There should be another season of Squid Game. The players will be the corrupt politicians, rich gamblers, executives who embezzles, drug lords, gambling lords, smuggling lords, crime lords, mafias, illegal miners, etc. Those who gets rich because of illegal activities. Oh you ehem Lord, you know who you are so come on and join! lol

    The salesman then will bet for more illegal activities ownership for the players. lol The games should be those illegal activities but in giant size form. lol Killing part for the players will be how they also kill their victims due to those illegal activities.

    Now that will be like Netflix Lifetime Blockbuster series and continuous season up to 100 years. lol Coz even if any of those ehem lords were captured, there will be new ehem lords to take the position. Then the title will be Squid Game Lord! LOL

  35. When the richest 26 people own as much as the collective wealth of the poorest half of humanity, inequity is obviously a global problem.

  36. If you want to look at the Squid Game in Real Life, take a good look at the Turkish economy. Young people are simply being deprived out of their life thanks to the politicial greediness.

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