How Squid Game Was Made | Netflix

Take a deep dive into Netflix’s Emmy®-nominated drama series Squid Game, the most-nominated foreign-language series of all time and the #1 most popular show in 90 countries. Writer-director Hwang Dong-hyuk, actors Lee Jung-jae, Jung Ho-yeon and Park Hae-soo and artisans lead you through the making of an international sensation.


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Changing the Game: Behind the Scenes of Squid Game | Netflix

Hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside, a tempting prize awaits — with deadly high stakes.


  1. Jung Ho-Yeon is amazing at English! She played an amazing role in Squid Game and is really good at acting especially for squid game being her first show to be in!

  2. Very sad for the young Generation. AGRESSION.

  3. Squid game personally was the best era of my life. Its so nostalgic now seeing people more interested in shows like Wednesday, than this Korean series which was once the biggest hit of Netflix. (I am not judging the interests of other people, this is my opinion and point of vision.)

  4. Lightning in a bottle. It's a beautiful thing when it happens. Speaks to the cohesion of the entire team, not to mention the brilliance of the director, cast, and production.

  5. I'm not a fan but this was very dramatic film and much lesson to learn from when I finished the movie I wish there's season 2 😅

  6. Such an incredible series and seeing the work that went into it really makes you appreciate it that much more 🤎

  7. They add "mida" at the end of most of the sentences

  8. Absolute genius show.
    So many allegorys for life.
    It really IS a must-see!

  9. Not finishing the video with the "thanks for playing with me". 😭😭

  10. Original…Exciting…Killer Show…Can't wait for season 2 🔴🟢

  11. an amazing series, squid game is.
    really, squid games is one of the best series of this decade.

  12. simple: Mr beast went to Korea and screwed all the poor people, if this was in Brazil I would be there

  13. This gives me Saw vibes. The performancs of the Squid Game players are like they are in a Saw trap.

  14. I can’t believe Netflix didn’t want to give MrBeast the money to make his version of SquidGames.

    The videos he made now has 270 million views and if he would’ve made squid games with Netflix’s money it would’ve been 10x more successful than it is now

  15. Alice in borderland was sick too i dont know why that wasn’t just as popular

  16. Listen, Man United might not thank me but get the contract out, put it on the table. Let him sign it, let him write whatever numbers he wants to put on there, given what he's done since he's come in. TEN HAG'S (Ole 4.0) at the wheel, man. He's doing it. He's doing his thing. MAN UNITED ARE BACK!!!!!

  17. Harry slab the fridge Maguire is the world's greatest defender and Poono Penandes is the world's most electrifying midfielder…..that's the creme de la creme in talent right there…..

  18. I enjoyed this Series… Unique in Story, acting and Message… Thrilling concepts..Lots of Love from India …..

  19. Netflix needs to make these featurettes for their animated series

  20. I don't understand the hype with this thing. It's just a mashup of "Battle Royale", a bit of "Saw" and stuff like that. Completely unoriginal and pretty boring 😝

  21. One of the most compelling pieces of cinema I've ever seen. So good and original.

  22. I truly enjoyed this season. It made me question my sense of morality about how I felt about good and evil, and I am now a HUGE FAN of Korean media!

  23. Be brave netflix, dont do what disney + do 😅

  24. Was not a hugh fan. Suppose to be a second series but apparently it will take quite a while.

  25. please give us some info on season 2

  26. As someone who consumes almost only korean media this show was in my opinion not the best i've seen from there BUT what really makes it watch worthy is the set design. The story itself is good but didn't leave a huge impact on me. The set and costume design on the other hand is genius and really blew me away, so huge props to the team for thinking outside of the box and taking their time to really perfect that

  27. you really had to make me cry by putting that scene at the very end of the video?

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