How the Squid Game Broke the Internet

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Squid Game is the Korean drama that has taken the world by storm. I am now watching the entire season in slow motion looking for clues to who will die in Season 2 and I will be holding my own Squid Game in the comments. Soldiers ⭕🟥🔺 identify yourselves from the players 🟩 winner gets all the cookies 🍪🍪🐷🍪🍪. Must be subscribed to play.

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  1. My comment got deleted, really disappointed in you Michael :/

  2. “Name the biggest tv show ever.”
    “Oh, that’s easy. It’s Game of Thron-BANG.”
    Player 456 eliminated

  3. this is seriously such a good show!! it’s like one of those shows where it leaves you wanting to find something just like it…but then you can’t-

  4. He didn't took 13 years to write the script, he wrote the script back in 2008 or 9 but couldn't find a production company do it for 13 years.

  5. I mean now they probably have more time, money, funding and people to help them write the script so it will probably take less time

  6. I didn't like the plot twist it has at the end, but this is overall a great show.

  7. Hey… so um… what else did you see in my search history?

  8. I’ve dreamt of a day long long time that I will be this early to a Michael Jae video for once.

  9. Sir we want more STRANGER THINGS videos please

  10. This was the best show i ever watchede and i love this channel!

  11. I would like to see 2 more seasons. Season 2 being where they continue with the winner and then with season 3 they should cover the front man

  12. uhhh did you watch the dub? it’s not that good

  13. I never googled the currency to yen’s and dollars,

    I converted pounds

  14. Let’s get some more creativity in the thumbnails bro 😂

  15. Season 2 was confirmed by the director I think 1 or 2 weeks ago, I can't wait to see where the story goes

  16. in the coughs "bathroom scene* i was intently waiting for a guard to walk in. just me? ok

  17. Not just Ali, we all cried at Il-Nam's "death" and Ji-Yeong and Sae-Byeok too.

  18. watching this while chill-studying is gold

  19. He’s dead…..he’s dead and you know it if you watched it

  20. SAME brother I cried like a baby when Ali died I thought i would never cry for some random series but I was wrong ;-;

  21. I didn't cry watching squid game.
    No joke I only cry in extreme situations (like having a mental breakdown) or watching pixar movies.

  22. I like the idea of season 2 be the perspective of the game from other characters. We've already seen this with some characters. But they could show it from another angle. Like the Crazy Lady, or that piercing girl.

  23. If you're rewatching this great show, remember to watch it with subtitles! The director strongly recommends it as you get to hear the actors' real voices for immersion.

  24. This series had the merits of exposing casual audiences to the hipocrisy of modern entertainment in the simultaneously crassest and subtlest way possible: by placing us in the VIP's point of view. These helpless poor contestants massacred each other for money, and for our own viewing pleasure, and we kept hooked on their story because of it.

    The bad news is, I strongly believe the core message of the show completely flew over the majority of the people who saw it.
    They came in for the child-like appearance of the games and sudden burst of violence and gore, and brought their kids with them, who got exposed to this type of violence too soon and are still unable to totally understand the social issues the series deals with.
    Thus perpectuating the cycle of dumb, unopinionated audiences who passively accept their empty entertainment without questioning anything, as long as it keeps being short and dopamine-inducing (meaning violent, capitalist-friendly and sensuous).

  25. When Ali died I never cried my eyes were just swesting

  26. dude your videos are soo epic mann please keep it up,i just lovee your videos,please never stop and may you get 10 million soon

  27. I didn’t really like the show but the plot twist seemed like a great won

  28. I think the director mentions that at no point did the pink/red envelope qualify you as a soldier or guard.

  29. Dude come on final Trail of stranger things

  30. 🙏More stranger things!!!!!!!!! Please!!!🙏

  31. Here me out this is not squid games it’s stranger things but the red cloud around eleven in the trailer, it’s when she had gone to see Billy’s past?!? Do you agreee? Shoutout?

  32. Great video! Found your channel in a Danny Gonzales comment section of all places, and I've been loving the content. Keep up the good work!

  33. Hiiii new theory on stranger things. Soooo what I think is the girl with orange hair had been a test subject aka eleven’s sibling!! Well a sibling.

  34. Why do u draw those ms paint tears on ur character in the thumbnail?

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