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If you were trapped on an island and forced to play in brutal children’s games, what do you do?

Thank you for watching Netflix’s Squid Game explained and review of how to beat.

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  1. Sang woo didn't plan to deliberately kill Gi Hun by suggesting they take different doors. The game could have a limited number of winners per room for all he knew, and getting the whole group in one room means some of them have to die for the others to survive. He basically took the easiest route for himself and avoided a zero sum situation for the group.

  2. For the last one it would have actually been smarter to keep the girl alive and whist 456 was banging on the door, sneak behind him and slit his throat.

    Easy claps GG Newb on the girl then walk off with the money

  3. Always keep in mind, that 1000 Won is equivalent of ca 0.7$, so 100 grand is really not that much 😀

  4. I'm sorry, what exactly is the message of the movie aka 7 episode tv show?
    What is it trying to convince me?
    Poor people deserve sympathy and these poor people in particular are here and in this situation not by their choice because muh capitalism?
    All of them are horrible people and deserve no sympathy, they are here due to their decisions.

    Why does the main character gain a sense of high morality about murder near the end?
    He is already evil, there is no God who would allow him to enter heaven.

  5. im gonna do the things that you made us se ind im free

  6. thats not "how to beat the games" this is, i tell u everything u see already…zzZZzz

  7. Did you really blur out his blood fingerprint?

  8. 🤮🤮🤮 no blood PLEASE. Lost my lunch and nearly fainted

  9. At the end when he just abandons his daughter it really shows his biggest character flaw. Nothing should outweigh your loyalty to your child

  10. In the glass panels, you counted 18 panels, not 18 pairs, so really it's 9 pairs (but is that accurate?). With 9 pairs, the random odds of winning are 1 in 512, bad, but not as bad at 1 in 262k.

  11. You should write a book about how to beat children's games

  12. The marbles game is the easiest, and it's actually possible to save both yourself and your partner here. Nowhere in the rules does it say that you need to have all of the marbles, you just need to have all of your opponent's marbles. This means you can literally just exchange marble bags and you both win. I know it's probably not that simple, but you're technically not breaking any rules here.

  13. Having played Green and Red Light as a child is also an advantage. I found it to be hilarious to see that it is played in Korea too.

  14. Youtube is pretty GAY having to force youtubers to blur bruh

  15. Don’t pretend that sighting in the parallax to gauge distance so that you can determine how fast to move. This wouldn’t be helpful at all

  16. The fact that they actually let you go home after all that is honestly more scary than being trapped not able to i know that sounds weird but if they aren't afraid of getting exposed then that says something 😂😂😂

  17. The plot of this series was completely predictable.

  18. This show was great! It was an amazingly filmed and scripted series that I’d recommend highly

  19. I’m just glad the blood is blurred 😅

  20. Funny enough we did something similar in my physics clas we were given a certain amount of time and a balloon 2 paper clips and one straw and we were supposed to use that to rocket the balloon a cross a string frome one corner of the class to the other
    First try didn't go well as the paper clip caused the ballon to spin around but eventually i got the idea to angle to paper clip in a triangle kinda like a zip line hiping that that would stop it from curving sround and spinning and it did one on the front one on the back and me and my team mate were first to get it across
    Not the most original idea but it makes me happy

  21. Side note: The handguns used here aren't actually pistols, they're revolvers. It's hard to see the handgun, but in some shots, you can see the cylindrical chamber behind the barrel.
    Side note 2: The steak knives can kinda be seen with a serrated edge at the left side, so anyone getting stabbed by this will experience SEVERE pain, if they even survive the initial stabbing.

  22. Am i the only one who would just walk on the iron bars on glass bridge and guarantee victory 😂

  23. I love the if he is on a train to Busan, he is going to have a bad day. Lol love it.

  24. damn i literally just learned about perfectly inelastic collisions in my phsyics class, so watching him explain how to win the paper ddajki game blew my mind!

  25. “Playing a new game call “ kill your childhood friend” bro, call me off guard💀

  26. like you said no one gives u free money if they don't have nothing to gain from it. it can be self satisfaction or more money in return. what could be the case here

  27. 067 didn’t deserve to die North Korea isn’t a very good country to be in so she deserved to get her mom out

  28. The most painful 44 minutes in my life. It would have been easier to just show us the entire series (without the annoying monotone narration). How you got that many upvotes for this dross is beyond me.

  29. Main argument: MMMMMM red flag
    (I agree)

  30. right when you got to the stepping glass, i thought "just use your shoes and slam them against each panel to see which one would break" boom

  31. Wow… I am so glad I found this. I was seriously worried what I might do if I found myself in a squid game. Now I know!

  32. 18:57 my first language isn't english so maybe i'm misunderstanding, but how this constitute as sticking the candle to the wall? you're sticking the box to the wall, and placing the candle in the box, but you're not 'sticking' the candle to the wall?

  33. On the glass one, what’s stopping me from sprinting as fast as I can across the glass

  34. 34:19 wait, you have two rows of glasses, on every level of the row, one glass breaks and one glas holds. SO you have a chance of one in two to survive the level. With 18 pannels of glasses, divided into two rows, you have nine levels of glass that you have to cross. Means your chance of survival is 2^9. Which means that you have a chance of 1 in 516 to survive.

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