How to play Squid Game

This children’s activity became extremely popular after the Netflix show with the same name appeared. It inspired many people to try and play on their own, obviously, without deadly stakes. If you wonder how to play Squid Game, we prepared a compact guide. Enjoy!

The rules

In the beginning, you need to draw a specific combination of lines (see the picture). Supposedly, its form resembles a squid.

How to play Squid Game

The game requires two teams, so it takes at least two people to play. The first team is offense and its house is zone 1. The opposing players are called defense and zone 3 is their home. The goal for the offensive team is to move outside their home. Then, they circle around the figure to enter zone 3 through the bottom circle. The latter one serves as an entrance. The attacking team should pass through the figure to get back home. Two zones 4 are a promotion area for them.

After hopping over the narrow part between these zones, the offense can stand on two feet. Or else, they can reach zone 2 for that. Before the promotion, both teams may only jump on one leg.

The objective of the defense is to remove the opposition by pushing them out. It will make them cross the lines of the figure they’re not allowed to cross. The defense cannot leave the figure either. So the offense can remove them by pushing across the lines.

Tips on how to play Squid Game

It’s important for players to know and understand the rules clearly. Also, each participant should be determined to win. Other than that, confidence plays a big role. The higher-spirited team is usually victorious.


Now you know how to play Squid Game and can enjoy it with your friends. It’s also a good idea to teach your child this activity. Just like any outdoor game, this is a great way to release excessive energy. But for whatever reason you play it, the process is always fun.