HoYeon Breaks Down ‘Squid Game’ Fan Theories | Vanity Fair

Squid Game’s HoYeon reads, confirms, and debunks fan theories from Reddit. Is it possible that player 001 is Seong Gi-hun’s (456) father? Did her character Kang Sae-byeok (player 67) actually survive? Were the Squid Games located on Jeju Island?

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  1. The way my girl didn’t insult any theory just played along with it >>>

  2. Gi hun and sae byeok should have voted to end the game , and then later only gi hun and sang woo return and saw byeok would have survived

  3. a lot of people like her real character, but i loved her ice-cold character in the series so much, i miss it! She was An ice queen !

  4. Did you hear that sound of the guards killing the people

  5. I think that not matter which color you choose you are a player and if you play the card game again you are a guard

  6. Just a thought! What if Ill nam and gi hun mom's are siblings and sang woo is the real son of ill nam?

    Gi hun's mom and Sang wo's mom were very close to each other too.

    It didnt mentioned Sang woos fathers name in the series.

    Sang woo and Ill nam are both intelligent. (similar trait)

    and ill nam grew up same as Gi hun's place. Gi hun and Sang woo lived in the same village.

    About the scene on Gihun told to the guard that he dint drink regular milk, and ill nam said, he is same as his son. But Sang woo didnt also eat the breakfast that time.

    What if in season 2, Sang woo mom will tell whos Sang wo's dad. 🤔

    Just a thought 😅

  7. The name of her in the show she kinda have same name is just the sound of it (Sabriel)

  8. “do you guys need more stress??”
    lmao i love you hoyeon

  9. honestly, she is so great at english. I bet at some point we will hear her speaking fluent english, its amazing.

  10. Hoyeon in person: Chocolate bomb
    Hoyeon as Sae-Byeok: The most cold hearted person I have ever seen in any tv shows or movies

  11. Blue and red toilet paper.if u pick blue he will strangely you.if u pick red he will cut you

  12. That red and blue toilet is a game that calls aka manto

  13. When a soldier dies after serving our country it dose not matter what we want there wishes are honerd they died for that right protecting our country these selfish kids now days do not understand this ! Seems half of there mother's do not understand either

  14. the fact that this was her first role is outstanding! she did amazing!!

  15. Her English may not be the best but being a Korean that didn’t knew anything about English is really good. She’s getting better every time she speaks up. Sorry if my English isn’t good, it’s not my first language 😭

  16. Anyone got an idea of what her hairstyle is called!

  17. So in another Youtube video I saw this really surprising and I don't know how to explain but here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93BhcgibjKQ it shows that the deaths were foreshadowed.
    그들이 어떻게 죽을지 보여주기 때문에 정말 놀랍습니다.

  18. It's so strange to see her smile because her character never smiled even once.

  19. Hoyeon can you tell us how you made it look like you died in squid game that scene was so sad I was rooting for you

  20. Ok so I know people think sae-beyok survived but let’s be honest here we saw get put in the furnace and burned she’s dead…

  21. I don't care what she says I was not happy when she died

  22. “I was quite happy that I could die” THAT IS A MOOD-


  24. ✨Her giggle or laughter whatever you want to call is just adorable!!!!!!❤️✨

  25. 우야🤗영오말너머

  26. 제주도에마씬는어렌지마니있어요하고살암둘말이청말찰타요미국에ㅅ서차동차있어믄일가거싶어믄너머터씨워요근뒤차엎서믄벘으싯틈있음니다 (Jejudo is known for its oranges and has some of the finest horsemen in the world. Living and working in America can be difficult without a car but some manage to use public transportation like the bus)

  27. The way she says "Marbles"
    🥰 so darn adorable 😘

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