I made my own Squid Game using sims

I made my own Squid Game in the sims. My crimes against humanity continue to escalate.



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And myself 😀

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  1. 10:00 You'd think mopping would go faster if he'd… you know… turn off the water before trying to mop

  2. "Why didnt you sleep until.11pm"
    Me at 11pm:

  3. Heyyy kevinnn looveeee uuuu❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ this is perfect coudnt ask fpr anything more ❤❤❤❤❤

  4. RLM plays the llama game too. They just use VHS tapes and call it Junka. 😉

  5. Hey… it's been a year since the first annual Sims Squid Games. Shall we see a triumphant return?

  6. You called this annual. Please do this again 🙂

  7. You are diabolical. Here I thought I was being a psychopath playing my sims, and then I come across your videos… I feel like we´d be good friends. 😀 😀 Just started a cult and I decided my followers need this Squid game challenge, and the winner will go to live with the cult leader to the "upper house" and recruit new cultists… brilliant, thanks for inspiration. 😀 <3

  8. Why did you kill two people for the paintings?

  9. Kevin: "There will be no story spoilers!"
    Also Kevin: "Number 1 is the villain!"

  10. My boy 01 didn’t deserve to go out like that someone was already being eliminated for DNF

  11. We never got another annual Squid Games by Kevin I was hoping to see another one this year😢

  12. No no you fekked up if the painting isn't finished then that person loses.

  13. I really like the idea of Jim Pickens flamboylantly walking around and dropping off baked goods in between matches to the hostages he has fighting to the death. And enjoying himself way too much

  14. How did this work 😂 and how did you get to those ideas 🤣

  15. This was the first annual games… and it was posted a year ago… please give us the second games Kevin!

  16. would gladly eliminate my friends for a home of my own

  17. Squid Game, Game Squid, Squid of the Game, Game of the Squid… Yes.

  18. petition to replace real life jenga with don't wake the llama

  19. Why does this look like a fun challenge to copy 😬💀

  20. Well..I might be late, but who is this jim pickens guy?

  21. Grim Reaper is looking a bit chubby here as opposed to his usual lanky self. Did something happen in a previous episode ?

  22. Is there anything spoilable in squid game? It's a smutt film, spoiler alert: people die in it… big whoop! Wanna fite about it?

  23. Nooo dont rid the chickens! There's a ghost type that implies that chickens are killers!

  24. You can delete entire rooms; click on the floor, then click the reposition arrow, and click the sell button.

  25. 7:58 That cat version of the famous Van Eyck painting is pretty cool, ngl.. With more details they'd be my winners xD

  26. Omg this was hilarious, was there another Squid Game the year after??

  27. Considering it,s Jim, it seems more like Saw

  28. wheres the NEXT episode of this. ITS BEEN A YEAR KEVIN.

  29. 9:42 The leaking plumbing foreshadowed the swimming challenge

  30. Sime videos always make me laugh them been so creative and funny

  31. hey kev, i know this is an "old" video but there is a mod called extreme violence where you can well, shoot, stab and other ways of killing your sims. making it easier to assasinate your participants

  32. So, annual, huh? I look forward to watching the next two videos. 👀

  33. So I’ve been binging your videos enough that your accent has gotten stuck in my head for a few days and now I’m convinced that I have to go visit Ireland, it’s officially the second thing on my bucket list

  34. You gave the winner a 20k simoleon house !!!

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