I Made Squid Game, But it’s a Multiplayer Game

haha squid game go brrrr
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so squid game popped off like a month ago, and so i started making crab game 3 weeks ago, which is basically squid game but not really because that would get me in legal trouble. anyway its a multiplayer party game but battle royale and kinda like fall guys bean simulator. since I already made Muck, i gained a lot of experience in making multiplayer games, which was super helpful. This game was pretty fun to make, and i think it turned out really cool. also its free so go download now gamer.

Hey! If you’re new here, welcome! I’m an indie game developer, currently working on a physics based game using Unity. This is my devlog / devblog where I show off the progress I make on it. I’ll try uploading every week, but I’m pretty busy with university and part time job, so I won’t have time every week. But I’ll do my best!

GTX 3080ti

Laptop / tablet
Surface Pro i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB Storage

My Equipment:
Keyboard – Varmilo VA88M rgb
Mouse – Logitech G305
Mic – AT2020+
Screen – ViewSonic 24″ LED Curved VX2458
Headset – Steelseries Arctis 3

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  1. Video professional editor, games dev, drinking milk addict, made the funniest survival game I've ever played… Bro you have great skills that I really like to have, I hope I have much time to learn, games and stuff, I have a will to do.

  2. You murderer you have a whole family hostage

  3. Off the stick but 3d (or u cant do that)

  4. Movement from muck. muck movement came from KARLSON. oh you don’t know what Karlson is?

  5. Is no one going to mention that Dani holds people hostage

  6. Sooooooo many Danny’s that are dead in one vid 😢(I’m not sad)

  7. 2:50 Dani is trying his absolute greatest to not laugh in this shot

  8. Its been 1y basically 1 day but backwards so is it still available

  9. That moment when your game is so bad it’s good again

  10. Update: Oksana was found dead In Milk gang street

  11. “I look like an overgrown Teletubby right now.”
    Well, Teletubbies are about 3 meters tall, or for you imperial system users, about 10 feet.
    I presume either he didn’t know that, or it’s the fact he’s half-giraffe.

  12. Can ya link the music to that theme with the dani plushie?

  13. wheres the billy plushie dani?
    we want it seperate from dani plushie

  14. not me seeing /ban @e[type=furries] in the chat

  15. This game is like “how much can we f*ck with steam and get away with it

  16. in the text to nicole you forgot to blur one

  17. Not my deadass thinking the description with jeff are actually reviews

  18. Can you make a Minecraft mod? (Or you can't do that)

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