I Tested Every Strategy to WIN Squid Game

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00:00 Intro
00:15 Red Light, Green Light (GAME 1)
03:32 Truebill (Sponsor)
04:32 Dalgonas/Honeycombs (GAME 2)
09:02 Tug Of War (GAME 3)
12:47 Marbles (GAME 4)
16:02 Glass Bridge (GAME 5)
25:00 Squid Game (GAME 6)
26:30 Promo – Mini Meat Beater 9000

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  1. while you are probably right that i would get shot for going across the beams, i would probably still risk that, then figure out which glass panel would break under me, sending me to my death anyway

  2. My boyfriend was in British army cadets in high school and was team captain for tug of war and had a pretty good winning track record. It's all about timed pulls, someone rhythmically calls out, everyone pulls at the same time and breaks at the same time, keeping a pretty fast pace. Like rowing.

  3. the tug of war strategy works from the movie, this is how we would win in elementary school in 1976.

  4. 23:41 What could theoretically happens is that, some kind of pressure sensor in the non tempered glass that breaks the glass when the player steps on it. If not, that just Hollywoodian logic syndrome

  5. They weren't standing on grass when they we're doing tug of war

  6. The tug of war is done on grass which offers no grip. Try it on something with more grip.

  7. Either you explained marbles terribly or I’m just really stupid cuz I don’t have a clue what you where talking about 😭

  8. one of the glass has a higher pitch theb the other so when the marble dropped it sounded slightly higher then the other

    also if you think of it in terms of music they sound like diffrent keys idk which keys but their diffrent

  9. 16:00 hmm I wonder what unit they use to measure stuff in korea….
    They definitely used millimetres to order glass panels

  10. everything was fine until the guy started talking about inches and stuff. wtf. Join the world, drop the imperial

  11. The weight is distributed different on the glass than it would be in the show.

    The sand bags cover more area than your feet.

  12. It would be nice if you tried a bit more with the sound on the glass.

    Like maybe throw the marble instead of dropping it and do it a few times on each to try and see if there's a difference.

    Then maybe finally stand up and drop one marble on each glass at the same time a few times just to try and losten to it and hear if there's a difference.

    I think it be too difficult but i think its worth a try.

    I do like the vodeo it was a good watch:)

  13. Something that you got a little wrong (and the concerned me as you were experimenting with the glass) was the idea that the glass wasn’t bowing or showing signs of failure, so it was still okay. This is false. Glass is actually one of the strongest known building materials, but only in compression. It’s extremely weak in tension. Pound for pound, glass columns are stronger than steel. So you might wonder, if glass is stronger than steel in, why don’t we build with it? The answer is simple. Glass doesn’t typically show warning signs of failure. Steel can bend and bow and twist when it is overloaded, signaling coming failure. Glass can’t. Failure is catastrophic, making it wholly unsuitable as a structural material.

  14. In the real original game, there was never rules on how to win

  15. How do i make sure my gf never sees the way this man licks a cookie?

  16. I tested this and I am now making me some food and then I will work out. Okey, peace.

  17. When you realize you weigh more then 2 people 🤣😂

  18. In the Tug of War scenario the length of the rope is crucial to the strategy. In the show, the slack of the rope was taken out by the distance the two teams were apart not by the tension caused by them simply holding it.

  19. Even the strategy in a fair glass bridge game would work. In squid game, I feel the panels where rigged to shater so when they felt pressure they would have popped

  20. For tug of war, the show is actually a real tug of war strategy. The reason you fail is that, 1. The number of people 2. The people involved didn't believe in the strategy

  21. Regarding tempered glass. You should JUMP on it rather than sneak around quietly. Cuz that's exactly what characters did in the series.

  22. "Just walk across the beams!"
    "No, you'd get shot!"
    Actually, walking across the beams probably would be a valid strategy; just that they're rather thin beams and I don't think anyone there had tightrope experience or spent a lot of time walking across a balance beam in gym class.
    Much "safer" to go from glass pane to glass pane.
    Because I'm guessing if you overload the tempered glass panel with say three people and it breaks, you'd have a gap that can't be traversed if walking across the beams is "cheating"

    Also, I think the course was on a timer so balance beaming across would be slow and other strategies like holding on and crawling would be even slower.
    Plus there's that psychological factor where everyone sees glass panels and thinks that's the only way across and no one points out "Hey let's use the beams and avoid that glass type BS!"

  23. Is it just me or did he confuse, tempered and non-tempered? Tempered glass should be the more brittle one right?

  24. With red light, green light. if you run on all 4's, you can stop and still be stable and be quick 🙂

  25. The grass is the reason test 3 failed

  26. U forgot the human factor : unpredictable feelings.

  27. Well there's a difference between gently stepping on to breakable glass and having to hop to it at a distance

  28. Nice vid, thanks! I would consider:
    1) for TOW, there also has to be enough distance/ length of rope between the teams. In the show there’s quite a bit, so they’re able to “lose” a few steps forward without getting to the danger zone. In your reenactment, there doesn’t seem to be as much so one misstep and you’re done.
    2) for the marble game, both players have to agree to play the same game. As you saw in your case, people catch on to the fact that theyre doomed for failure and easily stop playing. Then time runs out. Everyone is 💀

  29. Tug of war is not all about balance if you and everyone else holds the rope a sertent way and you have same balance as other team then because of the grip you will win if you put All your strength in it!

  30. I was on Squid Game: The Challenge and studied this video so closely before I left!

  31. You should have gotten a musician to listen to the sound differences. I can hear a slightly higher pitch in the second one. There are accessible ways to measure pitch differences. However, you're right, it's debunked because the glass maker would have needed two marbles, not one.

  32. That glass strategy may work for the first person, but there are 16 people, and as more people travel across the panes of delicate glass, the more likely it is for the glass to break, especially if someone is heavier than the others.
    You also only tested travelling between temperate glass and delicate glass, so it's not certain if that strategy would work if both panes were delicate.

  33. 2:00 for this first one, i would acctuly lay on the ground, and roll sideways… there is absolutly no way of falling in the ground doing this, because i'm aready in the ground, is alo faster than walking, and as long as i stop in my belly before she finishes the line, i'm safe.

  34. 8:15 i have a tugwar strategy that is acctuly better than the one they used… HOWEVER, i'm never telling anybody in case one day i acctuly need to go on a tug of war in a mr. beast video or something, than i'm only gonna tell my team XD

  35. so… in the marble game… in my first moove, if i take all marbles except 3 right at the start of the game… dont i win? i can win in one moove than…

  36. in the glass chalenge, in order to make things fairer, i would recomend that each person took one risk… if the first one took a risk and succeded, the second one had to the the second risk, and than the third one, when people are faced with the idea that they only need to risk themselves once, than they are more willing to jump.

  37. 20:00 you are aware however, that there is a difference between… puting your weight on top of something… and JUMPING on top of something right? XD you need to multiply your weight by the velocity of gravity

  38. It is true, your posture is just bad in tug of war
    Watch professionals do it

  39. I thought in the movie it was a horrific ideal to use the person in front as shield because if they get shot there’s a huge risk you will be too.

  40. Frankly, I don't think the guards would care if you used any tools to your disposal. The only rules are you have to get the shape out of the cookie, and it has to be done within the time limit. Everything else is fair game, I think.

  41. I would have been a much fairer test if you didn't do the tug of war on grass

  42. Maybe the tug of war isn’t true, but those testers weren’t really listening to instructions.

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