I Watched Squid Game in 0.25x Speed and Here’s What I Found

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Please note: I didn’t watch the entire series in 0.25x speed. Only the “6 games, Episode 1 and Episode 9”. Other than that, everything else I watched as a normal human would.

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  1. The surveillance guy didn't get caught because the man in the black mask made it clear that he doesn't care about their secretive activities, they had one very important rule to follow and that was to never show their faces. And it doesnt matter who the buyers are, really, that wont add any juice to the movie or something.

  2. 2:22 when I saw that I legit thought that she was just sleeping because he didn’t react to that

  3. Actually the guy in the surveillance room did get caught if you look back to the guys that were hanging you can see a guy with square mask and there was only one guy with a square and it was him

  4. Thats a cap.

    On The thumbnail, he said theres 14 hidden kills.

    Before that Players could vote to continue or not.

    They just didnt came back to play.

    Not hating,just saying

  5. The squid Game island address is Seungbong ri incheon gyongi bay jawol Myeon south korea

  6. I don’t she was was laughing when 456 hit her because if it was a Mistake the scene would have beeen deleted

  7. The prize money should be 45.5m won because winner never got eliminated

  8. There was a man who chooses red go to five minutes fifty six seconds

  9. Nahhh the dubbed version of squid game sounds weird💀💀 subbed all the way for sure🙌🏽

  10. 7.5/10?? Fuuuuccck off. Its 100/10. It took the director 10 years to come up with this

  11. 6:20 this is something I noticed immediately, I thought to myself "thats ironic🫣"

  12. The guy in the control room was caught, I think. One of the guards that were hanged had a square mask

  13. I like how they tell the guards to keep an eye on the ones who didn’t return but then never mentioned them again

  14. Can you do the same thing with season 2 pls l want to know about season 2

  15. I hope they get into more depth on how the red soldiers get chosen, how they’re trained, and how much money the get

  16. Man who does a sponsorship 20 seconds into a video? Lmao youtube is ridiculous anymore


  18. 10:00 he does get caught
    After they kill the doctor they hang the corpses of the people who were in on this on the staircase
    Amongst those corpses is a Square guard

  19. I cAnt figer out that if sung woo is a good guy or bad guy hmm 🤔 🧐

  20. i cant beilieve that you didnt mension on the marble game when ilnam died there was no blood thats why he created it he would never die beacause he made the whole thing

  21. Hi there,
    I have been watching all your detailed marvel videos thoruoghly.
    This messages is regarding SQUID GAME.
    Can i email you one of the mistakes that i found?

  22. 10:00 lmao did you not watch it in slowmo?? He was hanged with the others when they walked before the marble game because you can see a squared mask guy with them

  23. I don't know if this has been said before, but I think the guy in the surveillance room that the canadian lad mentions to be not caught actually got caught. In the scene where the doctor and the workers smuggling organs were hung to as examples, there was also a body hung with the square mask on. Soooo, does that mean squid game is 8.5 out of 10??

  24. If you observe the walls of the room they draw all the next games

  25. One thing that wasn't explained is how Il-Nam had Bruce Wayne/Tony Stark wealth. I mean, real "I can buy an island" wealth.

  26. There was not 14 hidden ☠️kills they were just people who did not 🙅‍♀️want to continue play the games after red light 🚦green light when they were voting 🗳 it says nothing about them but -FRONT MAN : make sure to monitor the players that did not want to participate. PINK SOLDIER: 😶…

  27. Oh so you dare challenge me, Mortal..

    Puts Video on 0.25x speed

  28. Bcoz they keep their best hand free to pull out weapon in any necessary situations…..1:36

  29. The guy in the camera room was caught rewatch it he was hanged too

  30. If ILMAM is filthy rich… How come noooooo one notices him? If we're playing squid game and Jeff Bezos or Warren Buffet decides to play with us… I'm sure someone would catch that.


  32. Wow this video is the only non marvel video

  33. Hey guys, so i watched The Canadian Lad's intro and it turns out that even though that his video is about another topic other than Marvel movies, he still applies a Marvel intro implying that even though he has another topic than Marvel movies, he is still a fan of Marvel

  34. This is the first time I heard the English dubbed version, it sucks pretty bad

  35. One more thing you guys remember when Jun ho and his mom were talking and he said if he doesn't find his brother in a few days he will report him missing. This means that this front man is relatively new and went missing not long ago.

  36. JUST WHY WOULD YOU WASTE THIS MUCH TIMEEE!!!!. you have got a new sub

  37. Note: I never watch Dubbed versions, always subtitles! However, to be able to monetize this video, it was easier to go with the dubbed version. Thanks!
    Note 2: I didn't watch the entire series in 0.25x speed. Only the "6 games, Episode 1 and Episode 9". Other than that, everything else I watched as a normal human would. On a different note, everyone ready for some Marvel easter eggs next time around?

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