If Squid Game were about Programmers

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  1. its been 11 months ! waiting for part 2 and more

  2. Me as an EE intern debugging ARM assembly daily: I dont see the issue.

  3. The knock on tactile keebs made me laugh out loud. Your keyboards look/sound awesome!

  4. Not gonna lie this is kinda fun to play minus the death part 😂

  5. Who else thinks that Koreans all look the same 😉

  6. Rejected user story: Did not specify acceptance parameters. Did not provide Cucumber/Gherkin acceptance test description. Did not specify assembly flavour, processor architecture nor operating system.

  7. The sponsorship meta is real in this one! Lol

  8. As someone coding for 3+ years I can say it feels exactly like this when people watch over your shoulder judging you.

  9. I'm just over here loving the music choice at the end. I want to hear the full piece now.

  10. “Budgetary issue” 🤣🤣. Relatable as organiser

  11. Hell yeah, FizzBuzz is easy, but then they said "in assembly." I was like "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"

  12. This was brilliant! It was just like squid games, but with a lot of added humor and yeah, that's how I always feel when grilled about how my coding studies are going. I am only at javascript, so I'd be dead for sure lol

  13. "I'm a Bootcamp student! They only teach us how to make all the red lines in the editor go away!"

  14. your writing is amazing!!! love it, new sub

  15. this was the stupidiest sht ive ever seen… well done

  16. Anyone knows the music used in the last 30 seconds? So epic

  17. Never watched Squid Games, but this is better lol

  18. It's actually funny imaging that all shit from the series legit, but the lads still adjusting to the COVID restrictions and shit. Imagine same with the other movies/series. Like, imagine Bond kicking asses, but they first need to wear masks cause they're in public.

  19. the scary part is that i actually understand that code :00

  20. 3:57 this part is funny because the old man is used to coding in asm, because it was popular back then

  21. Part 2?

    Also, there are two easter eggs in this video that are related to the next character in the Joma Cinematic Universe.

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