Making MrBeast’s Squid Game in 10 Days

Get an inside look at how we recreated Netflix’s “Squid Game” with @MrBeast in the official behind the scenes. We’ll walk you through the sets, the shoots, and how we *actually* built MrBeast’s Squid Game with previsualization, CGI & VFX. We’ll even show you how we made a playable video game version in Unreal Engine—leave a comment if you want to actually play!

Huge thank you to MrBeast and his team for having us on such an epic project!

00:00 – Intro
00:37 – Backstory
01:00 – Previsualization
03:23 – On Set + Before & Afters
04:23 – VFX Artists & Process
05:13 – Shot Breakdown
05:36 – Making MrBeast Game a Video Game
06:21 – MrBeast Visits
07:30 – Wrap-up



Creative Director – Sam Wickert
Producer – Micah Malinics
VFX Co-Lead – Brendan Forde
VFX Supervisor – Luke Snedecor
VFX Coordinator – Rachel Additon

VFX Artists – Taos Whittaker, Wyatt Hall, Sebastian Brown, James Luke, Matthew LaPenna, Zahra Hussain, Dylan Tate, Gil Milstein, Caleb Lambert, Will Hendrickson, Daichi Sakane

Production Support – Sean Boullianne
BTS Videographer – Jordan Borrowman
Editor – Colin Ross

Helicopter Videography help by Kevin Wolf

Music courtesy of OVERWERK –


Dell Precision 7920
Nvidia a6000
Unreal Engine
Black Magic Cinema Cameras / Davinci Resolve
Rokoko Motion Capture
Vanishing Point Virtual Camera


[email protected]


  1. Not belive it . Howw ita soo real
    Hollywood is nothing today

  2. Basically the same people that made Fortnite made all this possible

  3. If the foam pit wasn't real where did they fall

  4. Sir please help me🙏🙏🙏😩😭😭

  5. This video should’ve beeen waaaaaay longer

  6. As a game developer who uses Unreal Engine all the time this was really cool to see. So incredible what you guys have done with it. Unreal is moving more in that direction and you guys nailed it perfectly. Seriously even people at Unreal(Epic Games) would be very happy with what you did.

  7. please come to india i need your help🙏🙏😞

  8. I'm a filmmaker watching from Africa how can I join this technical team to create the impossible

  9. God damn it must feel incredible to work in a top tier team like this. Youtube is the future.

  10. they are way overqualifed for a yotubue video

  11. In all honesty, i never realized much of this was CGI when i first watched MrBeast's video. Sure i can notice some of the CGI now but on first watching i thought it was real.

  12. One of the biggest projects ever under taken!

  13. Is there more behind the scenes footage please tell me the terrace is ?

  14. Omg, the comparison of how chill the vfx team is compared to WilliamOsman's Squib team is hilarious. Here it's all, we can get this done, everything is good, we even have time to make a small video game compared to Osman's team that's just pure chaos and the looming dread of failure XD

  15. How much did you get paid 😍😍 it’s sick

  16. Wow this video Makes so much sense about the SQUIDGAME video from mr beast

  17. I literally thought that, there was no safety in there, because it really felt like they were so high up from the ground. 😲😯😮

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