Making of Squid Game – Episode 6: Squid Game [ENG SUB]

The titular SQUID GAME finally makes its appearance as the final game that stands between the contestants and 45.6 billion won. While the show’s powerful story and visuals have made it an award-winning global sensation, hear from Director Hwang Dong-hyuk as he reveals how big of a risk creating the show actually was—and why the message he wanted to share about society pushed him to take that risk regardless.

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  1. notice how the detective plot is not in any of these videos 😂

  2. We’re caught up playing the impassioned protagonist in our Subjective Narrative of Self _🟥

  3. The intrigue continues, only that in this second season we do not imagine what will happen. Good luck to all.

  4. This show is just amazing . looking forward for season 2

  5. Orribile drama coreana!! Vista da tutti minori! Sono stravolta, perché amo il genere coreano. Ma questa serie NOOO

  6. I can't even comment all that happened to her I stood by her you know 100% more when they scammed her she called she got a good husband who loves her me I'm standing trying to get my stuff in order me I know I don't get sick of it can't even comment I can't even share I can't even support I know about these questions because I've been through it it's been more to it I was attacking that backyard if I say one word out loud at night someone will be dead this

  7. I hope season 2 quickly comes out, can't wait for it

  8. Wait it says episode 6 I thought this was episode 9

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