Minecraft: 10+ Squid Game Build Hacks!

The SQUID GAMES portrayed in Minecraft! These are the Best Build Hacks for Squid Games from Netflix in Minecraft! Squid Games is the MOST Trending Series on Netlix at the moment!

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Minecraft Squid Games. Build the coolest Bunker with awesome traps for friends in minecraft. Troll your friends in this bunker or protect yourself from all the zombies in your survival World. All your friends will have a lot of fun and enjoy this bunker. Dream hunts me in this video, but he can’t get in. I used Dreams skin to record this. It looks like Dream got lost in his Manhunt with SapNap and GeorgeNotFound FINALE! Haha!
Recording videos like Minecraft: 10 Simple Redstone Builds! , Minecraft: How to make a working Elevator (easy) and Minecraft: 10+ Among Us Build Hacks is a really fun thing to do and I love to come up with new Ideas and Designs and present them in my Youtube-videos. Watch The MOST Safest House in Minecraft or The MOST Safest Base in Minecraft next!

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The two Images and short melody are from the NETFLIX Originals Series “Squid Games”
All other Songs are Official Minecraft Music prodouced by C418.



  2. I like the way that you build squidgame in minecraft

  3. Ten months late squid game season 2 is coming out

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  5. i like the idea but im feeling sad when i hear the minecraft music cause i have a soundtrack on it

  6. I have a squid game chatπŸ’¬ in my weighting comments

  7. Bblocks gold need make now

  8. Mr bblock from where you get these πŸ’‘ idea

  9. You can also make the command in glass step dissapear

  10. if it is too long the diamonds in there will disapear

  11. I’m korean!and this was very helpful and fun.sorry.I don’t good at English.but I like it❀️

  12. Bruh Glass bridge one is right one is wrong

  13. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA this are die game!?!?

  14. Where's cookiecomb marbles and the last game

  15. BBlocks you playing in java or bedrock??

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