Mr Beast Squid Game Review

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  1. On the last game the guy with the beard is so annoying he was so full of himself 💀 he wasn’t willing to jump on the tiles for the others too when other people did it without asking 💀

  2. I Have Been Subscribed To You For Long Time

  3. PewDiePie should be nicer with the guy that openly claims being one of your biggest fans, and his content is better than your, just saying.

  4. I think i watched this video before I commented again lol

  5. Pew is jealous I can see. Guy is suffering so much he can't admit that MrBeast is genius

  6. i subscribed.. still waiting for the 1 mil.. (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ)

  7. Stop dragging your voice bro when thinking of what you're about to say

  8. He probably has a dozen people watching bud like think harder!!!

  9. I'm shocked and disappointed that Mr. Beast didn't post a comment on this video.

  10. PewDiePie u r in third position why subscribe to PewDiePie

  11. My name is Nuha, I'm from Indonesia.Jimmy in each of your videos I really admire you, I hope you are always happy
    Thanks @mrbeast

  12. Carl just starts playing fortnite battle pass

  13. 사이테스 2급 육지거북 울산과 포항이 says:

    The world is becoming more and more gambling

  14. tangina commercial inuna, tagal mo mag start

  15. At 17:43 Karl ,Chris and Chandler dancing to the music is so funny

  16. Karl doesnt know where he is either :DDDD killed me

  17. 17:43
    Pewds: Are they wearing banana peels, what's happening?

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