Netflix FAILS at Copying MrBeast Squid Game😨😂

Netflix FAILS at Copying MrBeast Squid Game😨😂

Netflix’s Squid Game reality show has been through some major drama recently. After nabbing the idea to turn squid game into a real gameshow many contestants have come out claiming the work enviroment has been awful and the game is rigged.

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  1. Explanation: So This Guy Actually Doesn’t Know That MrBeast Credited squid Game. It all started in September. Squid Game was released and after 2 months, MrBeast did his own and credited to the creator of Squid Game. Because He Can Not Create A Pretending Death Game like this before september. So he decided to do a plan to recreate squid game. He watched squid game before making the set

  2. Bro the squid game in Netflix is the original 🤦🏻‍♂️

  3. I thought the show came before Mr. Beast video

  4. Well at least Netflix stay true to the source material of almost dying

  5. Bro's educated from Chipotle University

  6. does he think mr.beasts was the original? Bros dumb-

  7. I have no idea what he's talking about any ideas?

  8. After just finishing this show, I am so freaking confused right now. This dude is either really bad at telling jokes are an absolute idiot. Sorry bro.

  9. what does he mean squid game copying mrbeast

  10. The movie published made in 2021 💀💀 also its in Korea 💀💀💀

  11. Bro… you can definitely calculate the amount of people that will be left after a certain round

  12. What did they expect
    They are still better off than the real contestants

  13. o͎-͎ᴛʜᴀᴛ1ʀᴀᴠᴇɴ-͎o͎ says:

    I hope this is a joke

  14. I thought the show came out before Mr beasts video

  15. Source: the entertainment in Fortnite 🤡

  16. If y’all are confused basically he’s talking about the reality show

  17. This is obviously a joke what’s with the constant “source” questions 😂

  18. Netflix needs mr beast like football needs Zlatan and Messi

  19. Bro Netflix is not copying mrbeast mrbeast copied them technically he used the OWN idea of the show

  20. if it was the cruelest meanest thing they’ve ever been through, then it actually sounds more like the show it’s based off of than mr. beasts version. the squid game isn’t meant to be a cake walk

  21. Why are people defending Netflix’s scummy actions here

  22. Bro still works at a McDonald’s hasn’t moved from his kitten in ten hours

  23. Everyone think is squid game the challenge is copying mrbeast S video when mrbeast literally copied hwang dong-hyuk

  24. Bro how are they. Copying mrbeast when mrbeast is copying them💀

  25. we just ignoring that netflix legit created squid game

  26. They should go all in to make it real by making death row inmates as the contestants…

  27. When people like this guy is explaining this information everyone is like "He got his information from a dumpster". But when people like project nightfall talks about this suddenly everyone is serious I mean just stop

  28. Since you believe everything.. i was a contestant and i ended up hiding until the last game and won. 😂

  29. If this is true you cant blame them… keeping it accurate to the source 😂😂😂

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