“Netflix, this is NOT entertainment”

Squid Game Netflix Show Drama
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  1. I don't know about this specific show, but I do know that in a lot of gameshows, the contestants actually do get paid (compensated for their time) regardless of winning or losing. They just don't also get the winnings if they don't win. So there's a good chance the guy in the clip actually got an industry standard day's pay for his participation. No point in feeling bad for him.

  2. The concept is fine. The problem is that they straight up copied it and didn’t bother to change anything. One of the least creative shows ever

  3. its weird … has this person never watched any gameshow whatsoever ? The price is right usually has anywhere from 4-8 ish losers every eps and thats not even including the people who never even got to make it to the big dollar wheel or the whole rest of the audience who never got picked to show up and make bids in the first place.

  4. xQc calling someone 'weak and sheltered' LMAO

  5. I thought this was going to be about how that reaction was fake and forced af

  6. its a gameshow. he lost thats how it works. no one forced him to play. should everyone on jeprody or the price is right win? no most of them lose because they werent good enough. thats entertaining.

  7. This is like if some guy broke down because Mr. Beast walked past him while shooting a video and didn't pick him up and give him $12 billion dollars💀💀

  8. You know something wrong with a person when there is "he/him" in his bio

  9. Yeah. It's like it's not just the game show being terrible, but the participants too. 😂

  10. What's funny though, is that it is common practice to pay every contest for their time on these shows, so they didn't walk away with nothing, just not the main prize.

  11. kinda glad that barely anyone uses Shitter on my country. Only looked into Shitter bcs ive seen this platform on baldies videos.

  12. I mean it's definitely a bad take, but the reaction was a bit too real for my tastes as well. You just have to assume creators like Mr. Beast edit out the worst reactions to losing challenges like this to spin these things in a more positive light, not to mention adding consolation prizes etc. Watching a very clear shot of someone breaking down after losing an absurd amount of money a good way into the challenge is not really content that I'd say I enjoy. Having said that, that's where I feel the criticism should stop. I don't like it either, but it is what it is.

  13. Do we watch game shows to see people lose or to see people win?
    You say this argument would work on every gameshow but most gameshows focus on the wins more so than the losses, I feel.

  14. I don't think asmon got enough context here.

  15. Ngl I never liked Xqc (not for real reasons just i dont like his angy character). but after that tweet? he really bumped my image of him haha. based af

  16. “Reality tv is so fake and scripted, how could anyone watch that garbage” gets a reality tv show depicting people taking risks and showing real emotion “reality tv is disgusting, how could they DO SUCH A THING TO SOMEONE” he signed up for it and lost, sorry he’s not the anime protagonist, these the types of mfers to say it’s not fair you have to delete you whole character if you die in hc wow WHILE PLAYING HC WOW

  17. the people on that gameshow could even be paid actors to hem it up for drama. While i dont watch game shows because i find them cringey and overly dramatic. that twitter post was so silly

  18. the romans entertainment was men fighting lions.

  19. I wonder when companies realize who they're taking feedback from, when they take feedback from twitter. Just because it's the biggest platform, doesn't mean it isn't a vocal minority.

  20. I just don't find the show entertaining because it was already done by Mr beast and because there's no stakes they're just playing children's games for money

  21. Signing a release form to allow yourself to be filmed for a show can be understood. Expositioning a mental breakdown is distasteful behaviour by Netflix and should really be frowned upon. These tone deaf reactions from Xqc and asmond show no sense of understanding or humanity. Just easy quips as. "oh their pussies", "peasant is lazy", "their just losers". Honestly I usually agree with Asmond's takes but this is utterly barbaric.

  22. everyday were one day closer to a black mirror episode

  23. It’s probably scripted, Netflix tweeted it for a reason, that had multiple cameras on him

  24. Yeah but i heard that there has lawsuits for conditions like hyperthermia and lose nerve cells

  25. Not sure why people being weaker minded isn’t the main problem. The problem is a guy lost at a game. Wtf?

  26. Remember when Mr Beast did a squid game show, everyone was happy?

  27. The only reasonable angle I could see here is if the guy didn't have his transportation and stay paid for, which tends to be common practice in game shows, because it is scummy and someone will definitely point it out if it comes up. You don't get away with that, not unless you're in esports, but you don't see THAT being called a travesty when someone gets dunked on in a tournament.

  28. They arent random people from the streets.. you can tell theyve applied because theyre actors.. look how comfortable they are infront of the camera.. cmon now…

  29. He signed up for it, he got a chance to win big money that not a lot of people get and fucked up. Thats it. Idk what twitter is crying about

  30. Competitions for money in which the contestants need the money to escape poverty conditions are inherently dystopian, regardless of if there's killing involved. However, that's definitely not what's happening in this Netflix show.

  31. the end was the cherry on top of all of this

  32. They're feeling sympathy for a white male. Thats a surprise. He must be gay

  33. that 'cat' has pronouns in its bios, so he has no opinion.

  34. Feed him to the Lions that I might be entertained.

  35. This is what you get when everyone gets a participation trophy.

  36. Breaking news, 14 year old doesn’t understand how the real world works, gets mad

  37. Two things can be simultaneously true.

    If you find seeing what people do when their lives are on the line entertaining, then by all means, enjoy.

    But let's not get so out of touch or perhaps act like we're too dumb to understand that their lives are indeed on the line, the offer made to these people is not really a "choice". Homelessness is on the rise, and no, "they" don't spawn from a malfunctioning server script, they're normal people like all of us who got fucked by wage slavery over and over until losing their home.

    Let's just acknowledge that this is fucked up, and so is Netflix for doing this, then pull out some popcorn and watch the fireshow. You like watching trainwrecks? Cool, but don't tell me that it's great that people died in the crash too.

    Learn to separate between observing disaster to denying it is one just because you enjoyed watching.

  38. If it has to be explained, it's not entertainment

  39. Those people are soft af. Those people chose to be there

  40. it's entertaining . i kinda like it . its funny drama and the sometimes the beef lmao

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