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  1. Must be rigged, Michael didn't even pass the first round

  2. Yes, Brodin channel your inner Cillian Murphy.

  3. dude brodin looks like slenderman wearing that

  4. Nah 13 only told one person but not the entire of toast team. So toast also got manipulated

  5. It would have been funnier to see everyone naruto running for the red light green light game lmao

  6. 1:35 lol is anyone going to mention the fact that Lily straight up just missed

  7. who's no. 69? he looks like bailey may of now united hehehe

  8. I LOVE the 69 joke that they put with lily being number 6 and micheal is 9.. and toast is 420 XD

  9. I love how Hasan was the final boss 😂 dudes scary

  10. Is Michael the only one that wasn't pussy enough to get slapped

  11. Toast is 420 but lily and Michael together are 69

  12. Brodin should be slender man for halloween!

  13. that janken game was rigged she won it was 2 of 3 then they made it 3 out of 5

  14. Here for HASAN

    the only one I know here anyway 😬🤷‍♂️

  15. the hasanabi fund otherwise known as hasanabi-pro-choice-fund is a fund for abortions i cant believe she would agree to donate towards homicide

  16. If you rewatch the video toast said their advantage is they get a one up in Rock Paper Scissors. The guy in the beanie was wrong and lied and scammed them and idk why 🤷🏽‍♀️

  17. Bruh I'm sorry but toasts team totally won the marble game. Rip equality

  18. Nahh this aint squid game this octopus work

  19. 4:20 AM am typing this out. I love you Toast
    (Also please help I can’t sleep)

  20. bro the rock paper scissors for the marbles was so screwed up. Toast's group should have got them but they didn't due to a rule that obviously was not previously stated.

    edit: the only reason this made me mad was because toast was so committed the entire game and didn't snake his way around things. Not saying that Poki's team did but come on, you gotta agree that's kinda messed up.

  21. Wait so Toast's team got screwed over after winning the first marble game cause it didn't count for anything. Then Hasan was like, "but you didn't do 'shoot'". Oof. Toast's team won.

  22. I really feel like toast team was rigged to lose because they won the first match of marbles than the rock paper scissors the other team was literally willing to let both of them lose because of the timer, than toast team won because they both went the first time before the shoot but Hasan complaining about a rule that wasn’t even put there was so messed up than she won again! I bet if he won the first match he wouldnt had even opened his mouth And than he’s like oh no no no best out of three it was so rigged and messed up toast team should had definitely won poki team was wrong for what they did

  23. Damn back then I had no idea who hasan was

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