Ok.. Lets See What **SQUID GAME** Is All About (ep 1-3 reaction)

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  1. The math is off at 11:50. It converted 25 million not 25 billion, add 3 extra zeros on the end and the money looks way more enticing.

  2. when I watched it it was exciting intense episodes, but watching Rebecca's reaction things turned to be more comedic. I laughed like never before 🤣

  3. 15:00 I mean, Death Games are a genre that existed long before the Hunger Games, and Squid Game has more in common with Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor (it even literally has one of the same games).

  4. Girl, i think you're converting 25,6 million not billion 🤣

  5. I dont know if anyone else has mentioned this, but if you continue watching, I reccommend watching it with the regular english subtitles instead if the english CC 🙂 love your reactions by the way!

  6. Damn skipped the part with the girl talking to her brother 😭😭 part made me cry

  7. I would suggest putting the subtitles in English instead of English [CC]. The latter is the sub for the English dub and isn’t very good.

  8. you searched 26.6 million won instead of billion 😭😭😭

  9. Honeycomb or rather Dalgona, as I'm aware and I know very little, is a street game or delicacy that is rather common in Korea,, Like, sometimes you just do it for the challenge and sometimes you can win toys if it's in some festivity but anyways you are free to eat it afterwards.
    Correct me If I am wrong


  11. i know this is random but…… we have the same bed

  12. Number 1 is most likely the only one actually having fun because he truly has no idea how long he has left, so he truly doesn't care if he dies.

  13. Move to the other English, that isn't closed captions. The closed captions is made for the dub.

  14. The woman with the bathroom cigarettes is a real life South Korean supermodel.

  15. No, that guy wasn't risking his life. He was most likely trying to throw him behind him, right when it said red light. If he let go, HE'D get shot too. Nothing about being a good guy, everything about saving his own skin. Initially.

  16. I had to pause this video to cry laughing at the comparison of Gi-hun and his daughter to Bella and Edward, I am not okay 🤣😂

  17. 03:2603:32 Ahahaaahhh!😂Literally the only good thing that came out from"Twilight"are the memes!X-P
    05:0205:03 You know what?I'm probably the only person who didn't get emotional over this series and,by adding these,you make me feel a little less guilty for laughing!>;-D Thanks.
    16:4617:01 I can't say if you're joking of you really didn't realize he was thinking of suicide.^^;

    08:3008:41 , 09:29 WHY-did-NO ONE EVER apart from ME think this was suspicious AF?!!!X-O Why am I the only one who suspected the Old Man and NEVER got fond of him BECAUSE HE WAS SMILING DURING THIS FUCKING GAME WHILE PEOPLE AROUND HIM WERE GETTING SHOT???!!! 17:4917:54 EXACTLY!!! Isn't that SUSPICIOUS AS FUCK that he decided to leave the Game even though he had no reasons to?!?!

  18. Good job on putting the audio in korean and the subtitles in english

  19. 25 Billion won is like 21 million dollars lol you put 25 million won to pounds

  20. I will say calling it an original concept is a stretch. There's a ton of death game shows but this one is very well written with awesome characters

  21. big ooof she missed in ep 2 that the guy in the suit was infarct trying to kill himself when he was in the bath, the thing on the gas burner emits CO2 and that makes you drift of to sleep and eventual death, but he was interrupted by the knock at the door

  22. Just so you know the prize is equal to 15 million pounds after the first game, not 15 thousand

  23. “I’m rooting for the old man to take all the money.”

    Me: 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  24. Three episodes at a time is actually perfect pacing with how the story goes

  25. i loved ali from the moment he first appeared in the show, i'm such a simp for him-

  26. google calculated it wrong its billion not million so that actually 25.5 billion won is actually 15, 438, 015 million pounds.

  27. I don't think I've actually see anyone note this, but in the scene where Sang Woo is in the bath the reason he looks so fucked is that he's literally knocking on deaths door. You can see a charcoal brick burning beside the tub, boys breathing like 90% carbon monoxide right there

  28. 16:45 bestie idk how to tell you this…. he wasn't trying to clean himself

  29. I hope you post the other episodes but it’s fine if you don’t thanks for reacting to it

  30. Anyone else found the editing of this video annoying? :')

  31. Those pink worker costumes are sold out… So bring tissues if your gonna go to Comic Con. Theyre gonna be like Deadpools

  32. Dalgona aka "honeycomb" is a Korean street candy that is made by melting sugar and stirring rigorously and then adding baking soda until it becomes puffy, creamy, and thick. It's then poured out, flattened, and then a shape is pressed into it right before it hardens. Vendors typically sell them by schools or Parks, basically anywhere near a lot of children and they would oftentimes play a game with the kids where they had to get the shape out without breaking it (just like in the episode) and if they did, depending on the vendor; they would either get the one that they already have for free or an extra one for free.

    I'm not Korean, but my uncle is from Korea and he used to make this and making by all kinds of Korean snacks for me, my siblings, and my cousins when we were kids.

  33. If you're still watching, change the subtitles from English CC -> English. English CC is based on the English dub, so it's not a accurate translation of the original dialogue.

  34. "you stinky, you musty man" – cut to Twilight scene.

  35. her:

    young ppl have their whole life to live so I want the old man to win

    the game:

    kills everyone except the old dude

    the young ppl don't have much of a life anymore 😂

  36. Yes finally someone who hates dubbed things

  37. When Sang-woo was bathing in his clothes he was planning on killing himself

  38. @4:48 that wrist grabbing action got you feelin some type of way huh? XD

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