Playing Squid Game In Real Life!

HI SISTERS! In today’s video, I played Squid Game In Real Life with a ton of my YouTube friends for $10,000! We did Red Light Green Light, Tug Of War, and the Honeycomb Challenge with Dalgona candies!! Watch to see which players get eliminated and who takes home the prize!

Brent Rivera:
Pierson Wodzynski:
Ben Azelart:
Andrew Davila:
Alex Warren:
Mian Twins:
Tayler Holder:
Markell Washington:
Amanda Diaz:
Kio Cyr:

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  1. He Didn't win He Used a Lighter In that Cheating😮😮

  2. The only guy i know is brent and ben azelart😆😅🤣😂

  3. The way he just pushed James like he was trash.😂

  4. Oh my God even you brought all of my Siri you’re the best YouTuber😇😇😇😇

  5. When I saw Bret I Paused for a min and thought…Isn’t he a youtuber 🧐

  6. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. 338 was literally cheating in the last round why does he get the money?

  8. I love that way it’s said this is Suzy

  9. Why we got Brent and person here cuz the just makes berison

  10. 9:26 he kicked kouver in the pool then fell in slow motion

  11. This is good mate ! Don’t listen to the guy who said it was a joke it’s good!! Mr beast is better but this is amazing!!!

  12. How markel pushed James to get in the car is so fun omg lmao.

  13. Bro so teknikaly people are making each other wet ok

  14. Which one is better mr best or jame better

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