Playing SQUID GAME in Roblox!

KREW plays Roblox Squid Game! Who will win?
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  1. Funny i beat the new event it was pretty hard

  2. f.a.m.i.l.y pushes each other cutely and deffinetly NOT killing each other🥰🥰🥰

  3. I love how funneh pushing lunar it was so funny 😂

  4. lol the way theybullied the girl from the start🤣

  5. Lesson learned: never give funneh a push button

  6. "But family is meant for pushing"
    -lunar 2021

  7. Whoever killed funneh I will make a picture of her fighting back or etc

    And R.I.P To The Tall Guy Who died Because Funneh Pushed Her :*(

  9. I really love funneh's videos!
    they laugh
    they make me laugh

    P L A Y K R E W E A T S N O W !

  10. now I know who pushed me while I was making my honeycomb


  11. 😂😂😂😂😂😅😂 Draco be like. I have to go to the bathroom One minute later. I have to go to the bathroom One minute later I have to go to the bathroom

  12. Draco always has to go to the bathroom

    I have been playing KREW EATS and I just got to the part where it starts me all over again

  13. Palace cat versus cougar which side put around YouTube

  14. the screaming makes me laugh so hard.

  15. Can we just appreciate that krew posts Almost everyday?

  16. Krew- having 10k dollar wifi-Me living next to a mcdonalds fr😂

  17. I just noticed at the end that there names are different

  18. Krew eats has a demon that wears tanjiro kimono boss update!!

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