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  1. I'm starting to understand why JJ has the most yellow cards, this honestly seems super annoying

  2. Not JJ being an absolute ass hole for the entire vid

  3. Alternative title: JJ being a prick to everyone for 34 minutes

  4. How does this even come close to squid games? L level creator.

  5. Two things. The music (music scores) are a fucking incredible decision. And JJ has never been more frustrating in a video ever

  6. Why they getting mad at only JJ when they are all blocking it

  7. bro they say american youtubers te fake bro british youtubers are more fake

  8. This was a good video, only downfall is JJ would aggravate me if I couldn't play the damn game…. what's the point? It's annoying

  9. I realise it's just fir fun but it ppisses me off when jj ruins the fun for the others

  10. Only if vik knew he could use shift and ctrl to fly the jet also…

  11. I cried (from my right eye) when vik pulled up with the jet to knock JJ 12:30

  12. This is the funniest sidemen video out of all of them on main channel and moresidemen

  13. What’s wrong with you guy and what’s up with the baby’s every video

  14. 0:31 there was an old man in the window. Nice sneaky edit there😅

  15. Did the editor have a seizure? What's with the random music? Lmao

  16. JJ was such a dickhead in the first race and I love it🤣🤣

  17. Not to be rude
    As a fellow Brit but where was squid game here 😂😂

  18. 5:49 that’s such good editing I only noticed it now 😂 the “L” sign

  19. How do i do this races too on gta online? I wanna do races that i choose and i don't know how so someone can help me?

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