Jackie Chu has a way for the class to get extra credit!


  1. 0:51 she did 9 times 5 and got 45 the next question 9 times 5 and got 7💀

  2. Another good 15 minute long video, but again with penelope being rude to jr.

  3. I just started watching this jeffy ❤😂🎉better not die

  4. Why would grandmas kill people when they bought it?

  5. بۇ بەك قىزىقارلىق ئىدى

  6. 5 times 9 equals 45 but Cody put 54

  7. Junior got more questions right than Penelope

  8. I’m going back in to see what your

  9. the shape i would have chosen is the shape of my pp, square

  10. Answering SML question : I would have the triangle it would be pretty easy

  11. I Am sad that Brooklyn guy didn’t sacrifice himself

  12. Cause he’s got to stay strapped because the streets are tough😂😂😂

  13. great vid and i like the sound affect and how jeffy acted lol.

  14. Play red light, Green Light😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅

  15. i personally wouldve chosen the triangle cookie, of course i have omniscient view of the plot, i think the triangle cookie wouldve been the easiest to cut out

  16. Brooklyn guy is a idiot. He had a gun in his hand he could’ve just shot the dude.😂😂😂

  17. Somebody put each other squeaking in real Jeffy Jeffy gets

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