Squid Game – 1×5 – Episode 5 Reaction – A Fair World

Things are staring to spiral out of control at the Squid Game.
Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments below!

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  1. yeah Jun-ho is NOT exactly good at being undercover… and of ALL the peeps he could've taken the place of, it had to be someone involved in the extra shady things within the shady stuff… luckily, he was smart enough to be armed.

    and yup, that was a list of winners. In-ho was one of them, in 2015

  2. Yep! IT WAS A LIST OF WINNERS. His brother is the 2015 winner.

  3. On tough of war, they "pick " the ppl to play with, so in certain way, is fair too

  4. Dr. Doom may not know about the side gig of organs harvesting by his soldiers. He does not mind if they did. But involving a game player and given him the heads up on future games, him having the advantage over other game players is a no no in his book. It may also jeopardize the whole operation.

  5. It would be interesting to find out who actually picks the games. I do not think that head master guy picks the games. I think he may just regulate everything for the higher-ups, but the rules, games, contestants, etc. could all be picked by the higher-ups in charge. I think tug-of-war could still apply to the rules of fairness because, as we saw, it is also a game of strategy and they probably would not have even been forced to think of strategies if it were not for them seeing who the other team was they would compete against. So, having to think about how to compete, is in itself, the way of keeping it fair. Technically, I do not think you can always make sure everything is perfectly fair for some people will always have some type of advantage over someone else in 1 way or another. But, in the end, I think everything still evens out and everyone still gets the same chance to fight for their freedom. It was still the contestant's choices to return to the game. Yes, their hands were also sort-of tied as well. But, they still could have chosen not to return and dealt with the consequences in the real-world.

    Without spoiling anything, I cannot wait to see what your reactions will be for the next episode. But, in a way, I can predict seeing your reactions will cause me to have even stronger reactions myself, if that makes any sense. You should probably start wearing wigs and wear protective gloves to keep yourself from pulling all your hair out and punching the screen, especially for the next reaction, LOL!

  6. All the games are fair bc they all choose who to play. To your basketball analogy…lets say all those short players had shooting like Curry..then would it be fair? Every game isn't technically fair bc someone may have more wits or smarts than another

  7. I’m just gonna say it, get emotionally ready for the next one cause it’s a tough one to get through

  8. What Dr Doom is saying about fairness is he does not want the game to be fixed — a player having advantageous info.

  9. once you finish the series, there are interviews with the creator and the art director and they talk about the aesthetics and why they made some choices

    i will never forget that staircase room

  10. the cop found the invitation card in his brother's apartment and that's why he recognize the same card that was left at the police station

  11. If I ever open up a radio station, this girl can have the lead-in anchor position as far as I'm concerned. I don't know your name because I haven't heard you mention it in your videos, but you have a smooth and ridiculously gorgeous voice. I could listen to you for hours.

  12. His brother won in 2015, but only went missing last week. The landlady was talking about his rent being due for the month when the cop went to his place. So his brother won and has been living a regular life until last week. A riddle to solve…

  13. Just a nuanced cultural clarification. Right after the Tug of War, when the group was recounting the last game, crazy lady called Sang Woo “oppa”, which Netflix translated as “babe.” And later when the translated texts reads “Look, boys”, crazy lady is calling all of the guys “oppa.” Oppa is what a woman calls her older brother or older male cousin (out of respect, you don’t call your older siblings or relatives by their first name). But women also call their older guy friends or older boyfriends “oppa.” Calling somebody “oppa” signals that the relationship has become more casual (as opposed to formal)

  14. Front Man didn't know anything until that day. He was just making a point that he doesn't GAF about the organ harvesting or whatever side business they run, but you can't ruin the equality of the contestants. If they just forced the doctor to help them w/o any hints, that would have been fine.

  15. Why’d u think his brother was the guy with the hair?

  16. Brace yourselves because next episode will gonna be a heartbreak

  17. so cute your doggy, awakened to the sound of Squid game. Hahaha🤣

  18. FAIRNESS in terms of getting the same chance to play on the same level within the game.. He might have known the harvesting job ever since this whole thing started years ago and he let it slide; and in the current game, he is probably NOT AWARE that the current doctor helping the harvesting was also a player.

    who knows, maybe before the "doctor" operating could have been a guard himself..

  19. His brother just got missing recently though :/ :>>>.
    That's why on the second episode the cop said "I will report him missing if he doesn't show up one more day".

  20. subbed! love your reactions! been watching since the 1st episode from u guys! . love from Malaysia! 💙

  21. Equality is about giving people the same chance/opportunity to make use of their talent to the fullest, not trying to give someone who weaker a lead bacause it's impossible to make anyone truly equal to each other. If you give woman a knife to fight a strong man with no weapon, is it really make game more fair either? And how many game are actually fair by that logic that people need to have absolutely the same chance anyway, Red light, Green light, people who faster and having a good reflex get the advantage. On honeycomb, people who have more steady hand or playing it as a kid would have advantage; Reflex, agility, intelligence, knowledge, chance, medical condition, it's all vary for everyone who isn't born from the same womb in a void of nothingness.

  22. (this comment contains no spoilers for future episodes) Regarding the Frontman's (dr doom's) speech – I think he only JUST found out about them selling organs before catching them, Im inferring this of course, but here's what probably happened: there was a commotion, he checked out their secret room, came to the conclusion they were selling body parts cause he overheard them or whatever – AND THEN, in that moment, after having discovered the truth, said he doesn't care what they do to the organs, but they ruined the equality of the game.

    If he takes it that seriously, and it's plainly evident that he does, then he would have killed the doctor the moment he found out the doctor was getting inside information – he would not have let him participate with that type of advantage. I HIGHLY doubt he knew in advance


    I don't think it's about the 'games' being fair, I think he's saying everyone gets a fair chance, i.e. out in the real world people were dealt with unfairly, they weren't given a fair shot to succeed or wtv. The analogy I use is like a race: in the real world some people started in front while others started in the back (which is unfair), not all on the same starting line, some were purposely put at a disadvantage, by society/culture/class/status…etc.

    But here, their system is that they all have a fair chance to win. No one is being purposely held back, nor are some being helped. Using their strengths, intelligence, strategy, guile, cunning, manipulation…etc, etc, they all have a fair chance of potentially winning. They all win or lose by their own choices and not because someone else/a system is hindering them, or helping others.

    The games themselves are immaterial – some are easy/straightforward, some are difficult. Being different, everyone will find some easy and others hard. Even the easy games will have winners and losers. Im guessing that's why they chose children's games and not basketball; which requires some skill/practice and physical advantages. Even if they chose Basketball, a short person might have other good qualities they can demonstrate to ensure a place on the tall people team. Ali is innocent and naive, and possibly less educated than the rest, but because he demonstrated strength, friendship, selflessness, loyalty, they see value in him and thus are willing to help him.

    Sorry for the essay, really enjoying your reactions haha, I write this much when Im really into it. Thanks for the entertaining reactions!

  23. While the person is dead while they’re harvesting the organs, the value is much higher if they are only recently dead due to blood flow. Therefore a player who’s still “alive” is preferable.

  24. His brother won in 2015 he checked out the list of winners.

  25. Also.. His brother was only 1 week late with rent when the cop visited the apartment with the card and the freshly dead fish..

  26. And on to episode 6. I can see it's up so I can commen finally… I want to see your reaction. Ep.6 is just brutal.

  27. Mi-nyeo = beauty, beautiful woman
    thank you

  28. that's the point of equality right it doesn't matter if your man, woman, old or young.
    i mean they won the thug of war and they're against with all men team by using their wits

  29. tug of war, THE GAME ITSELF is ABSOLUTELY fair. the players DONT KNOW what game they're gonna play, so their choice of picking pple were a random guess – as expressed by Gihun in this episode – . The doctor, cus HE KNEW WHAT GAME was next , HE PICKED THE BURLY STRONGER GUYS – THUS MAKING IT UNFAIR. that's what the frontman meant.
    YOUR BASKETBALL ANALOGY ASSUMES THE PLAYERS KNOW TEH GAME BEFORE HAND. so it doesnt apply. you'd have a group of tall, short, unathletic, athletic pple forming a team w/o knowing the game.each team has a fair chance of pickin the pple who they think will benefit them in the game. that's the fairness frontman is talking about.

  30. You gyys are pretty lost because when you talk to each other, you stop looking at the screen 🤣 keep chatting but look at the action
    Anyway, as always, enjoyed the video, cool reactions, if for once, pretty confused 👍🏾 keep at it

  31. The game only happens once a year but the number of players is larger and takes more binders to store them all

  32. I don't know why but I thought it was so funny when he said "I guess you were right they renovated"

  33. Random chance and equality ain't the same thing, Front Man

  34. His brother has only been missing a few days, not since 2015. They said at the beginning.

  35. Yes he knew the doctor was cheating. That's why he was mad. You have to listen (or read, actually) the details very closely on a show like this.

  36. I’ve noticed that when the girl was making fun of the guy praying, people tend to side with the girl. It’s pretty sad what the world has come to

  37. I have to agree with you guys, The entire FAIRNESS and EQUALITY in this show is flawed, Just for example, they didn't even punish the thug and his teammates for cutting the line to get another food.. that situation already contradicts the entire principle they are saying about Fairness and Equality..

  38. Gi Hun from gullible became capable of playing with people's emotions [ making the aggressive guy suspect people] . Also what he said about the company riot is real life case. They layed off 3000 people without prior notice and there ware protests the company used the protests to label the workers as work place terrorists so they couldn't find jobs after that [ in the context of squid game that explains why Gi Hun went into such poverty since he had no other choice but to try to make his own business which led to more debt + he didn't just saw his friend pass out he saw him get killed no wonder he has depression and ptsd ]

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