Squid Game – A Dumb Ways to Die Parody

Squid Game was an awesome show on Netflix that I absolutely LOVED. Here’s a personal project of Squid Game – A Dumb Ways to Die Parody. I’m sorry for my awful singing. I’ve included subs in case you want to turn off the audio, but the chorus also includes the beautiful voices of Rob Ackerman, Beth Palma Diaz and Man Chong Li. The amazing Rob Ackerman also did the recording and mixing. I had so much fun making it and hope you guys like it!


  1. This video is so inspiring I was pooping
    on toilet depressed, lonely, hoping that
    one day I will become the biggest bird
    and be on a helicopter so ll can sing it
    and get famous and becomea
    boillionaire buy the earth, become the
    President and this video made me
    become that person I wanted to
    thankyou so much for helping me get
    there thank you this video helped me
    become a baddie and l even got a
    reward for becoming the most baddie. I
    even have a house with 100b floors 20m
    kitchens 600m rooms 40m bathrooms
    thank you for that I really appreciate
    this, this video even ended the baddie
    war. Now I even married to a roach. I
    really apeciate this video help me
    became part of baddie war warrior

  2. Dislike dumb ways to die, but in squid game edition

  3. The way he looked at the camera after sliding dead down the slide😂😂😂

  4. After one Month this song will be one year old

  5. What’s your favorite part of Squid Games

  6. Is it just me or does the voice just sounds yk werid(no offense) also cool vid

  7. Мороженщик Род Салливан says:

    Мне одному грустно?

  8. Bro why the 4th one peed his pants 💀💀💀💀💀

  9. Bro I feel sad for 199 dude look at his Tears so sad

  10. cceawacwdnk nfd want f ewahm. dewqhmb re2qjbkdqwe says:

    anyone noticed how one oof the old guys peed his pants

  11. Bro this is just an copy of dumb ways to die😂

  12. MynameisTariceandmyrealnameisNguyenVietAnh2013 says:

    2:23 I think it was supposed to be stabbing in the shoulder

  13. Hhahahaha😂 i die like this 😐💀 bro i am now a skeleton roasting skeleton

  14. Never thought we would need this kind of dumb ways to die

  15. Last one being and touch a killbrick and then get jumpscared by pim DUMB WAYS TO DIE SO MANY DUMB WAYS TO DIE

  16. No one gonna talk about the little detail about Player 001 Peeing his pants?

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