Squid Game Actress Could Not Stop Crying After This Scene #shorts

The actress who plays Sae-Byeok was so emotionally committed, she couldn’t break character on set!

#shorts #behindthescenes #squidgame


  1. This scene also made me cry and when i saw this video my tears were falling from my eyes 😭😭😭

  2. I noticed Sae byeok's friend was silent and freezid she was not moving 🤔

  3. i cried this scene im going to miss 240 so much

  4. So is the actress on the wall actually shot or it's just acting I'm literally crying rn

  5. I remember this ep was full with emotion i also cried through out the episode best kdrama ever…

  6. She and other actors on the show fully committed to the show

  7. For those who don’t understand Korean, she actually said “let’s do one more take” afterwards….like she wasn’t satisfied with her performance…THATS a real actress right there


  9. Director 12 year hardworking and getting this kind of commitment cast must feel him good

  10. Whenever she's cry that thing broke me

  11. That's actually the most sad part of squid game BTS (behind the scenes) ever😭😭

  12. I truly teared up watching that scene.
    Now I'm crying knowing the dedication that went into it.

  13. It's because she is method of her scene. For that whole scene usually takes several shots so for the whole 4/5 shots for a scene. She needs to stay in the character and for that she needs to used either her past memories to stay in the character or events of experiences to overall into one character

  14. She DESERVED the SAG Award she won😊

  15. When acting it's hard to cry and you have to think of something sad or make yourself sad sometimes so maybe she was just trying to keep the sadness so when they film again she can cry

  16. 😘😘😚😚😚😘😚😚😘😘😚😘✌✌✌✌✌

  17. Can anyone tell what was the director saying in English

  18. Kang sae byeok iam you big fan i will do everything for you just one thing i want to meet you once please i love you kang sae byeok

  19. She acts like Tom Cruise;
    125 % or nuffin !

  20. my mind and my feelings cant explain this. Its insane

  21. That's how you know you have a good show right there

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