Squid Game – Behind-the-Scenes On Set

Here’s what Squid Game looked like behind the scenes as they filmed the series.


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Squid Game – Behind-the-Scenes On Set

Hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside, a tempting prize awaits — with deadly high stakes.


  1. the world best webseries on internet😢❤

  2. 2:53 I love how they tell “POW!” Instead of real gunshots 😭

  3. High quality production with so many professionals. So nice to see

  4. Okay, they doesn't speak english, but i'll take it.😏😏

  5. Love how this series became a lot popular until the challenge series actually has different games in the future.

  6. Koreans are serious on their productions and delivery. I can't deny that. Their actors have discipline. Everything is so well organized too.

    The production is more interesting than I expected. I think this is way too awesome more than the show itself. 😛

  7. So they use their language and they cut it out in the my language

  8. I love how 067 in the show is really stubborn, shy, and depressed but in real life she’s the sweetest❤

  9. Can you guys please do a game of rymut they time it here's how to Play if they say word that has a rhyme in it the shooters time it they don't rhyme it in time they get shot in their forehead that's how you play ronetteit can you please do a video of that

  10. 456 got scared of bang😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. The main character has done a lot of acting respect

  12. Is this how long it takes to do just one little scene😭

  13. Actors in Korea are incredible. They’re so good at acting.

  14. sang-woo was smiling while everyone was tired like what-😭

  15. I like in the show they are enemies but behind the scenes they are very nice to each other
    (I think)

  16. Still emotionally wrecked over Sae-byeok’s fate. She didn’t deserve that awful ending. Still emotionally wrecked over Sae-byeok’s fate. She didn’t deserve that awful ending.

  17. Ayo ngl this show got really sus cant lie man

  18. they force them to get cut by glass shards even the creators

  19. Love this show.The fact that it talks about capitalism in a creative way.

  20. 머야 cg빵이였어?특수효과가 아니라

  21. Ali fue bueno esforzandoce en aprender coreano

  22. that bang made my computer expolde because of the 110% voulme

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