SQUID GAME Ending: Every Clue About Il-Nam | Things You Missed And Hidden Details | 오징어게임

SQUID GAME Ending: Every Clue About Il-Nam | Things You Missed And Hidden Details | 오징어게임 오징어게임 . We breakdown the ending of Squid Game on Netflix and talk about all the clues in the season that tell us it was Il-Nam The Old Man who was behind it all. This includes a recap of the series and the games that he played in such as Red Light, Green Light, Tug Of War, Glass Hop and The Marbles One. Full Spoilers ahead.

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0:00 The Hidden Wall Clues In Squid Game
0:40 Heavy Spoilers!
0:59 Squid Game Ending Explained
1:40 Old Man Number Clues
3:04 The Clues In The Games
3:24 Red Light, Green Light Breakdown
4:20 The Vote
4:40 The Star
5:10 The Fight
5:35 Tug Of War
5:58 The Marbles And His ‘Death’
6:57 Why He Left The Game
7:40 Competition

Ok so at the end of Squid Game we learn that it was Il-Nam all along.

The final episode reveals that he invented the games as a form of entertainment for him and his rich buddies who had become bored with life. We learn that he had actually got involved in the one that we see in the show because he was dying and wanted a final bit of fun in his life before it was too late.

The ending was absolutely incredible and the scene had Gi-Hun saying goodbye to the character as he lay on his death bed. This last meeting actually reflected their first one in which he too encountered the character as he sat in a bed.

It was a pretty big twist that really pulled the rug out from under your feet but eagle eyed viewers might have spotted early on that there were several clues pointing towards his true identity.

Now the first one is that he is Number 1, the very first player. If we look at the subtext of the series, Gi-Hun is the final number and throughout we watch as he very much works his way to first place, aka Il-Nam.

In the final episode he is left as number one, he inherits a large portion of the character’s fortune and comes face to face with him in one of the final scenes. 1 is symbolic on a number of levels and because it’s the first place, it also hints to us that Il-Nam is number one and the one that’s controlling everything.

In episode 5 Hwang Jun-Ho sneaks through the compound and he eventually finds a storage room with files on all of the games that have happened over the decades. Upon opening up the 2020 one the first player there is actually number 2 and Il-Nam’s profile is completely missing.

There is no file for Number 1 because he doesn’t need or want a record kept for himself.

The other players in the game also hint towards us that something is off with Il-Nam and though it’s not too obvious, when you really think about it, he wouldn’t be someone that would be selected for the process.

Everyone else in the Squid Game is roughly the same age whereas he is extremly elderly.

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  1. I don't think he had anything special during red light, green light or any game. He wanted to play and always kept saying the game was FAIR. even executed guys for giving away hints.

  2. One more clue to il-nam being behind everything is at the end of episode 2. Everybody who gets in the van is shown to be gassed exept for him, because he doesn't need to be unconscious while being taken to the games location.

  3. Il-Nam's teeth were a major reason for me to be suspicious of him from the start. There's no way that a poor, elderly person in Korea would have such a great set of pearlies as he did. It was thus implied that he wasn't poor at all and aside from the deadly tumour, was actually in fairly good physical shape for his age, again telling us he was able to afford good medical care which, unlike the EU, is a luxury in Korea.

  4. The three in the table mentioned in the first 30 seconds is actually the marble game

  5. A lot of these are a real stretch. His number is 1? He is old? Come on that doesnt mean jack. The only real clue was him being happy in the 1st game. In the tug of war they would have lost even with his strategy if not for sang woo's idea.

  6. it's all true,actually thought of red light green light part and there was something off about il num's green colour

  7. He didn’t play the glass one because he let ji-hun win the marble game if he would have plaid the glass game he would know to pick the last number as everyone would have had to go in front of him leaving him safe

  8. I tried to translate his name nothing happened

  9. I've always wondered why no one seems to figure out "Front man" as in the phrase itself, what it means in regards to the overall story. The phrase LITERALLY means figure head, or fake leader. In business, a "front man" is a face of the organization but doesn't hold any real power. Like a promoter in wrestling. Every channel seems to gloss over that. Like obviously HE wasn't in charge of the games, there is a wealthy benefactor behind the scenes in every piece of media like this.

  10. I like how he was decent enough to not spoil the show with the title but spoils the show In The thumbnail

  11. Remember this golden rule of kdramas, if they don’t show the actual death scene of a character, 90% of the time they’re not dead and will become a “twist”, (it was the same case for the girl that got exempted in marble games).

  12. The most overrated show that I have ever seen!

  13. Did you really miss the scene where il-nam is the only player who does not have padlocks locking him to the rope in tug-of-war?
    Its like the biggest hint in the entire series.

  14. Thanks coz i was just passing the cannels and here is one of my great spoilers this morning

  15. I was suspicious of the old man from the beginning

  16. omg he didnt need to keep a record how didnt i realise

  17. What about the woman to his right? She got the same green highlight as him

  18. Thanx for saving me 9 hours & just telling me what it was about

  19. I think the old man voted to end it because he was confused due to the tumor in his brain, he even stutters to vote like he's thinking "yes to end it? Or yes to keep playing?"

  20. The cop changed to a square symbol mask and then switch back to a circle one. Why?

  21. A big agree on one thing that the Series is much better on the second time watch!

  22. I just notice something at 5:20, the old man has a triangle on his forehead like the pink leaders. So, is it possible all the triangle workers are billionaires?

  23. The old man…was so beautiful..but his death shook me.

  24. If your narrator has any sort of UK accent there is a 95% chance they are going to say "titular" at some point. This goes up to 98% if it's a Star Trek video and 100% if it's Doctor Who.

  25. someone spotted that 001 wasn’t actually chained to the rope and his cuffs didn’t have a lock

  26. What I still want to know is how Il-nam made all his money

  27. >Easily winning the tug of war

    That's disputable- they were clearly losing at one point. If it wasn't for that timely last-minute call from their leader to step forward Il-Nam's team would have lost.

  28. his "death" ruined the ending for me. The twist ruined his character

  29. easy to say after watching the series…. lol

  30. for IL Naam.. really fits.. Money can´t buy health, but hapiness at least 😀

  31. I definitely will be watching the series again after watching this video!

  32. I had a fleeting feeling 001 was behind it all at the beginning when you meet him. The show does a good job of throwing you off his scent though, especially when he pees on himself. But then I went back suspecting him when you didn't actually see him die and he pretended to be delusional.

  33. I figured it out really early, like I started looking for the Big Bad twist as soon as one guy was referred to as “front man,” implying he answered to someone else, and then I narrowed in on Player 1. That said, while I’m proud I figured out that twist early, I didn’t figure out the “front man and the cop are brothers” twist until two seconds before the mask came off. So. 1 for 2, lol

  34. Everyone is mentioning that they didn't hear the body drop after the gunshot marked his "death" but there was also no announcement that "player one has been eliminated" the way there was for others. That's what made me suspicious. But i thought it was just left out so it didn't ruin the emotional moment…

  35. Just a thought! What if Ill nam and gi hun mom's are siblings and sang woo is the real son of ill nam?

    Gi hun's mom and Sang wo's mom were very close to each other too.

    It didnt mentioned Sang woos fathers name in the series.

    Sang woo and Ill nam are both intelligent. (similar trait)

    and ill nam grew up same as Gi hun's place. Gi hun and Sang woo lived in the same village.

    About the scene on Gihun told to the guard that he dint drink regular milk, and ill nam said, he is same as his son. But Sang woo didnt also eat the breakfast that time.

    What if in season 2, Sang woo mom will tell whos Sang wo's dad. 🤔

    Just a thought 😅

  36. i think the reason il nam is not going to titles because vips will see him there and front man said he had to do something

  37. Thanks for this great video! I sort of felt like rewatching the "red light, green light" scene, but don't have Netflix this month. So this way, I can watch it anyway and stay off Netflix a little longer.

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